Being a busy business owner and wanting to do more for our country is a daunting task. The problem is time. Are you ready to kick off your next endeavor as a virtual volunteer or couch activist? Scroll through the options below and see what calls out to you:

Some of these have an interview or period of training involved during which you might have to leave the house. But fret not – the actual work is done from home, so you’ll be back in your pj’s in no time!

7 Cups

If you like to be helpful to those in need of emotional support, 7 Cups of Tea may be your thing. Learn about active listening and how to be there for others 24/7. You’ll get training upfront, coaching from mentors as you go, and different certifications along the way. All you need is a reliable internet connection and the desire to help others. Get involved here


Volunteer for the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline by RAINN and anonymously help those who prefer to chat through the instant message format rather than over the phone or in person. You’ll receive crisis-intervention training to support victims of sexual assault and those close to them and then ultimately work from your own home. Get all the details here

United Nations

The UN regularly matches remote volunteers with current areas of need through its virtual program here. At this time, they have over 12,000 volunteers connected with virtual volunteer opportunities in more than 187 countries worldwide. Scroll through the desired skill sets (writing, translating, research, advocacy, and many more) to find out how you can help, and then click in for ways to help. 

Project Linus

For the crafty among us, there are lots of ways to help others. Project Linus needs those who can make blankets, quilts, layette sets for babies, and more to send their best creations to traumatized children living in poverty, newborn to age 18. Get details here

*Lutheran World Relief needs similar here.

Red Cross

Visit Red Cross here to find out how volunteers can help out during times of disaster. Some virtual volunteers have assisted in digitally locating people in need of help, monitored online discussions during emergencies, shared updates across social media, and more. 


The Smithsonian Institute has some work for you if you feel strongly about historical accuracy and education. History buffs can use their free time to transcribe historical documents from home here or update individual Wikipedia pages here

Domestic Violence Shelter Hotlines

Domestic violence hotlines are available for those being abused to get help and counseling, find and reach safe shelter. Each of the states listed here has contact info to reach their domestic violence hotlines and find out how you can volunteer. 


Inspire at-risk middle and high school students to stay in school and plan for a positive future with iCouldBe. Work with teachers and other mentors to help over 16 million American kids in need of mentors to overcome challenges and reach their goals.


Animal lovers, get in line! This app lets you raise resources for over 2,000 animal welfare organizations by recording your miles walked via GPS at less than 14 mph, and translating them into money. Get the ResQwalk app here

Hunger Volunteer Connection

Choose either virtual or local opportunities with the Hunger Volunteer Connection on the search page. Some possibilities include helping seniors write up a grocery list online, grant-writing, and more. Go here for the details on what’s available.

Treats 4 Our Troops

This group gathers surplus candy and used magazines to create care packages for our troops and wounded soldiers. Although it looks like they’ve gathered enough for this holiday season, you can check in to find out when and where they’ll need more help. Check out the details here.

These ideas mentioned above are just a few of many more opportunities to help others from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t see anything that appeals to you, give Google a shot and look for virtual volunteers with the skills you wish to share. We can almost guarantee there will be some organizations out there that would be grateful for your time! Let us know what you find and how it goes.