11 habits of successful CEOS

Hello! Today I am going to share the best 11 habits of successful CEOs. These are the habits that make you the best CEO of your life and make you very successful in your life as well.

(1) Think long term

 The homeless man is thinking of his next drink. The employee is thinking about his holiday or weekend. The entrepreneur is thinking a year in advance but the CEO is thinking five years in advance. 

All the studies show that when we think long-term and we think strategically that we will create far greater results in our life and our business. And these Greater results make great success stories in our life.

(2) Don’t get attached to events 

If you’ve ever seen an incredible CEO when a business gets a huge wind. He or She will still be the calmest person in the room.

 When a company goes through a huge loss He or She will also be the calmest person in the room. The higher level of thinking that you require at CEO level means that you have to keep your calm when everybody else is in the storm. 

But doing this you get to think from your logical mind not your reactive emotional mind and it gives you clarity to have the best answer at the right time. 

(3) Read 

The average person reads less than one book that makes them an individual better per year. The average CEO reads sixty books per year.

The four areas that I like to read and I’ve heard many CEOs over the years say that they read are in psychology, philosophy, personal development, and business. What books are you reading right now to make yourself better for the future?

 You can only make decisions based upon your current level of understanding. The fastest way you can increase your level of understanding and opening your mind is to read.

If you don’t like to read. It’s okay. You can listen to an audiobook. You can listen in your car on the train or whenever you get a few moments just to learn something new. Habits of reading books give you the best qualities like Morality, Willpower, Integrity, Patience, Optimism and so on.

 (4) Turn failure into feedback

 The reason why so many people struggle to succeed in life and business. It is not because they don’t have the work ethic or not because they don’t have the desire. But it’s because they get caught up in their problems.

 A CEO has an incredible ability to be able to look at something. That’s a failure to learn from it and to say how do we do this better next time. 

So any area you feel that you may have failed or not got the result that you wanted. What can you take from that to learn so you can be better for your future?

(5) Respond, Don’t react!

When we react we are using the emotional part of our mind which is the limbic system back here. That means you are in fight-or-flight mode and you’re not going to come back with the best answer. 

A successful CEO whether they know this consciously or unconsciously has an uncanny ability to respond. Sometimes it pays off just to give your response a few seconds or to sleep on an idea and then respond with the best possible answer.

6) Be on time

 A successful CEO will be diligent with their time. If you cannot keep to your schedule that how can you keep to your dream?

It’s crucial in order to achieve success in your business and life. The time management and time mastery is key. Keep your schedule be on time 

(7) See problems as challenges

 A problem is only a problem when you see it as a problem which in itself is a real problem.

 It is your duty in your mind to convert any problem that you have into a challenge. A CEO loves the problem because it gives that CEO something to get their teeth into, something to overcome, and then you can have that fulfillment.

You can celebrate the fact that you’ve been out to overcome the challenges in your life. 

(8) Value time over money 

If you value money over time you will have very little of both. If you value time over money you will have an abundance of both. Because you can always make more money but you cannot make back and any wasted time. 

Life is short. Make the most of it value your time on a completely different level when you do you are physically telling the universe that you are valuable. And that means that you will start to think of more creative ways to earn money.

 You’ll be able to invest in yourself and become more valuable in the marketplace. So remember value time over money.

(9) Start your day right

 If you’re waking up in the morning and immediately reaching for your phone. Check-in your emails and getting a tsunami of emails in your inbox. 

You are conditioning your mind to be reactive and that is how the rest of your day will play out, not only that if you’re going to stretch your Facebook or your Instagram account. 

Now you’re teaching the mind to be addicted to novelty. Life is about you being a success in whatever you feel success is for you. And that means you’ve got to be in the driver’s seat. 

You’ve got to be the CEO of your own life. So start your day right. Whether it’s meditation whether it’s journaling whether it’s going for a run some kind of exercise. Find a routine that sets up your day for success.

(10)  Focus on strategy, not tactics

 Tactics are short-term when strategy is long-term. Going back to the earlier point that CEOs are thinking five years ahead. The more you can think strategically about your life about your business. The more likely you are to create abundance in the present moment and success in your life today.

But if you are constantly reactive. You will feel like a hamster on the wheel constantly chasing its tail. So in order to create the CEO mindset and create the success that you deserve to think strategically not tactically. 

(11) Schedule time to think

 If you never take time to stop and think. You can only deal with things at your current skill set at your current level of thinking. If it’s good enough for Einstein to stop a day a week and think. 

When he was alive then surely it’s good enough for me. It’s good enough for you to stop for even ten minutes. Take the time out to think ask yourself. Yes, I’m doing this thing but am I doing it in the best possible way?

 The most successful CEOs that I’ve met over the years and that exist around the world that they always take time to think. 

So there are the eleven habits of successful CEOs. I appreciate right now. You might not be a CEO of a big company. But you are the CEO of your own life. 

So the sooner that you can step into that place and own it and become that person, the sooner you can reap the rewards that you deserve in your life too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article. I hope you’ve got lots from it. Please share this article with your friends and family. If you’ve got another habit of a successful CEO. Please comment below and let me know.