11 habits of successful people

We all know what is good, what we need to do in order to be successful. We study time management and learn how to prioritize the work week. But what about the weekend? As Aristotle said: “We are the result of our habits, and perfection is not one action, but a habit.” We have compiled for you a list of 11 habits of very successful people:

1. Robert Eager: The Early Rise

The Disney CEO is not the only successful person whose day starts at 4:30 every morning. Successful people do not lie in bed until 2 days on Sunday. And even before 11. Studies have shown that the human brain is most productive from 2.5 to 4 hours after motivation.

Therefore, try to wake up early on your day off, and you will have a serious advantage over the rest of the world.

2. Benjamin Franklin: Plan

Obviously, the founding father asked himself every morning, “What good can I do today?” You do not need to be President to know the importance of planning and its impact on your life. Successful people are aware of the importance of setting goals for themselves daily, and weekends are no exception.

3. Timothy Ferris: “No” – multitasking

Multitasking is a hit of the 2000s. But that time has passed. Perhaps this looks tempting – to increase their productivity on the weekend. For example, go for a run, while talking to mom on the phone, while at the same time making a playlist on your mp3. But successful people know that this only reduces efficiency and effectiveness. Try to be focused on one task. Ferris recommends setting yourself a maximum of two tasks per day, which will help achieve results.

4. Anna Wintour: Be Active

Vogue’s editor in chief plays tennis one hour every day. And she is not the only one who devotes time to exercise. Richard Branson remains active with the help of surfing, and one of the richest people in India participates in marathons. Successful people know how important it is to be active both physically and, subsequently, mentally.

5. Steve Jobs: Prioritize

Some things should not change the world in order to be important to you.

A weekend is a time to remind yourself of small but important things in order to restore life’s harmony. Spend time with dear friends, play with children or take a walk with parents. Perhaps all this directly will not make you more effective, but because of this it does not become less important. Even the President does not forget about a family dinner with his family.

6. Warren Buffett: Hobbies

The most successful 20th century investor loves playing the ukulele at the weekend. As a rule, successful people are unusual, and their hobbies are also not standard. Of course, a golf party on Saturday can help establish the right contacts and successfully influence the business. But if you like classes for one, like Meryl Streep – knitting or George W. Bush – oil painting – why not? Hobbies increase our creativity and reduce the impact of stress.

7. Oprah Winfrey: Practice Calm

All famous and successful people devote 20 minutes of meditation per day, and some twice a day. This past secret of yogis is now known to many. In the corporate world, the effect of meditation is well known – clarification of consciousness, reduction of stress, increase of working capacity and creativity.

Sometimes weekends get more busy than weekdays. After all, you have only 48 hours, and you need to manage to do a lot of things from shopping to family responsibilities and meeting with friends. The most successful people always take time to practice in silence, including on weekends.

8. Randy Zuckerberg: Enjoy

We all did it – catchy posts on the social network about where we spend our day off. And waiting for approving comments and likes, looking impatiently through the news feed – what are others doing? Welcome to the era of FMI (fear of missing important).

9. Bill Gates: Time to Summarize

Microsoft founder once said, “It’s good to celebrate success, but it’s equally important to learn from your failures.” Summing up is an essential part of a successful person’s day. And the weekend is a great time to take a step back and think about your actions and adjust future ones.

10. Richard Branson: Give It Back

It is amazing how concentrating on the problems of health, terrorism, climate in the world gives you a new look at the other areas of your life.

Successful people often use the phrase Anne Frank: “No one will become poor by giving.” For five years, Tom Corley studied the behavior of wealthy people and found that every rich and successful person volunteers for at least five hours a month. Nothing relieves stress better than helping those who are perhaps a little less fortunate. And the weekend is a great opportunity to devote time to this.

11. Jay Z: Keep your finger on the pulse 24/7

He built his empire of music, known as a rap musician and entrepreneur. The secret lies in the words of his song: “You can want success more than anything, but to achieve it, you should not doubt. You can’t stray. You can’t sleep. One eye should always be open. ” He would not have become the owner of 520 million, achieving success 5 days out of 7. If you really want to spend your weekend on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean with Beyoncé, only hard work will help to achieve this!

Here you have the plan for the coming weekend. Now, act! Success is a 24/7 lifestyle, including weekends!