Why do you find it difficult to sleep every night? Does insomnia haunt you every evening ?! … Maybe you tried the famous recipe for bedtime, which is a warm bath and a cup of hot milk.

In general, if all these things fail to take you to the world of sleep and dreams, do not be alarmed, because you are not alone. In Britain, for example, doctors did not hesitate to write about 10 million prescriptions containing sleeping pills annually, according to the British newspaper “Mirror”.

But here is the good news, as the newspaper quoted experts and doctors 11 magic ways that will lead you to fast sleep, and overcome insomnia in a few minutes, through simple movements, which are:

  1. Breathe through your left nostril: It is one of the yoga methods that reduce blood pressure and work to calm you down. Peter Smith, a specialist in treating sleep disorders, says that you should sleep on your left side, close your right nostril with your finger, and start taking slow breaths. Through the left slot. He confirms that this step is very good when you suffer from a high temperature, or from hot flashes that result from menopause and that impede sleep.
  2. Compression and relaxation: Relaxing all the muscles in your body prepares it for sleep, and the expert in anxiety and tension problems says: “We have to lie on our back and take a deep breath slowly, and at the same time press the fingers tightly as if you are trying to put them under your feet, and then stop the pressure.” .
  3. Try to stay awake: Thus your mind will revolt, and this technique is called the paradox of sleep, according to psychologist Julie Hearst, who says that you have to keep your eyes open, and you have to hesitate to yourself, “I will not sleep.” The mind does not bear this negativity, so it is interpreted as instructions To sleep.
  4. Retrieve the events of the day: Remember the smallest details backwards in order to clear your mind of anxiety. Sami Margo, author of The Good Sleep Guide, says that recalling conversations, sights and sounds helps the mind reach a state of readiness for sleep.
  5. Roll your eyes: Sami says that closing your eyes and turning the eyeballs up three times will make you sleep, because this mimics what happens when you fall asleep, and helps release your sleep hormone.
  6. Imagine: visual meditation has a powerful effect, especially if you use at least 3 senses. Sami says that you should imagine yourself in a situation in which you feel comfortable, such as tropical islands, sailing in calm water or walking in fields of flowers, and imagine doing things while If you discover this happy place, it will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.
  7. Whisper to yourself: This technique works to make you feel calm. Dr. Chris Adzikowski says that you should sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your jaw and shoulders, but leave your mouth closed and breathe through your nose deeply, then slowly exhale while closing your lips as if you are whispering, then tell Yourself that you are ready to sleep and get to your bed slowly.
  8. Press: There are certain areas in the body that help to sleep when pressed, and Dr. Chris suggests that you put your finger in the short area between the eyebrow and the front of the nose, press it for twenty seconds and repeat it twice, then sit on the edge of the bed, and put your right foot On your left knee, find the small space between your big toe and the second toe, then press the same way. Finally, with the same right foot, find the area under the nail on the top of your second toe, and use your finger to press it gently.
  9. Find your trigger: The key to this trick is to start with this habit when you are able to fall asleep normally, then use it when you are having trouble falling asleep. Do something unusual like stroking your neck. Psychologist Sharon Stills says you have to focus Pay attention to how you feel from this movement, and that will help you fall asleep.
  10. Breathe slowly: While you go to sleep, according to the Book of Night Waves to help you sleep, the presence of the light blue light that moves slowly on the ceiling of the room and your breathing slowly with these waves, will make you sleep within 7 minutes.
  11. Make a list of anxiety: What you should do before bed is one of the most important causes of insomnia, and Sharon Stiles says that because of your fear of forgetting what you have to do, you may face difficulties in sleeping, so before going to sleep write a list of these things that worry you, so that you can Forgetting it for tomorrow, and that will let you know that your thoughts are preserved, thus making you feel calm and sleepy.