1. The earlier you start, the better – Try to start early and get the toughest tasks done first. It’s easier to wake up going to the office than having to go from bed to computer.
  2. Don’t stay in your pajamas! Take the opportunity to put on comfortable clothes now that you work from home, but please don’t stay in your pajamas. Take a shower and put on clean clothes to start the day.
  3. Have your own workspace: Choose your workplace and get used to working from there. You can change from time to time but try to stay in the same place.
  4. Organize your workspace: Prepare your workspace to be as comfortable as possible. You are going to spend many hours in the same place so it is less than pleasant to work in it.
  5. Plan your day: You must organize and plan how your day is going to be. Bring a to-do list and set reminders to avoid losing focus. Early Planning is very important, so you don’t waste time thinking about what to do.
  6. Be careful with social networks !: and you know it:  You can easily get distracted by a WhatsApp message or an Instagram notification. Keep your social networks disconnected. Turn off notifications and remove browser shortcuts to avoid temptations.
  7. Work when you are most productive: Try to accomplish the most complicated tasks at your most productive time of the day, usually in the morning. Save the simplest tasks for the times when you feel the most tired. You can’t be as productive all day!
  8. Stay connected: Try to stay in touch with your colleagues through messaging or video calling tools. Not only to keep up to date with what is happening but to talk with someone and socialize!
  9. Putting on some music never hurts: You will spend a lot of time just for what music can be a good companion and can make your day more bearable. Lofi or instrumental music is a good option on Spotify. You can get to know about love paragraphs via reading online.
  10. Take breaks: working from home does not imply not being able to take a break. Stretch your legs and go talk to other people in the house. Of course, try to set a few hours for these breaks and duration to avoid extending them too much.
  11. Comply with your schedules: when working from home it is possible to extend working hours unnecessarily. Set a start time and an end time and stick to them. ¨You can set an alarm that signals the end of your day¨