12 Key Tips for Becoming a Good Parent

Have you just become a parent or are you already a mom or dad, and you may wonder if you will be successful as a parent? Parenting is not always easy but rest assured, you are wonderful and you are already doing great work with your children. In this article, you will find expert advice to help you be even better. This is not a competition to get the best parent award. The ultimate goal is to make your child a confident, independent and caring person. So make sure you do not forget this.

1-Express your love and affection

Love and affection are the best things you can give your child. Tell him often that you love him with sweet words, a loving smile, a proud look … Make him more often kisses, hugs …

2-Listen to him

Listen carefully to your child and pay attention to what he tells you. If your child is not very talkative, he probably will not want to talk if you ask him direct questions like, “How did your day go?” He will speak spontaneously when he feels like it or when he will remember something he wants to talk about. He will also find it easier to answer indirect questions about what happened during his day at school.

3-Be present in his life

12 Key Tips for Becoming a Good Parent

Take an interest in what he does. Talk to him about his plans or what he has accomplished. You can talk to him before he goes to bed, during breakfast, during the return trip from school … Share as often as possible activities together (reading, DIY, drawing, gardening, shopping …). Teach him things that will be useful to him when he grows up. Also, participate in his school life. Take an interest in his school program to discuss with him, attend school meetings, follow the progress of your child … Never miss the day of the school year or the end of the year party. Following and participating in the activities of the school is to show your child that it is important to you!

4-Encourage him

Encourage your child in everything he does from an early age, it will help him to evolve.

5-Never compare it to other children

The comparison between brothers and sisters is also to be avoided. If your child does not succeed, do not humiliate him or ridicule him.

6-Empower him and nurture his self-esteem

Highlight his qualities and achievements. Emphasize his initiatives and efforts so that he is proud of what he is doing and that it brings him well-being and has a positive impact on his development. Involve him in daily tasks to show him that you believe in his abilities. Follow these tips to help your child develop self-esteem.

7-Teach him to be autonomous and responsible

Empower your child from an early age. Start with easy things: throw your handkerchief in the trash, water the plants, put your shoes in the closet, put away your toys and books, learn to get dressed … Children can help with some housework, they will learn easily to go shopping, to politely address a saleswoman, pay the parking meter of the car …

8- Establish good discipline while staying zen

Good discipline should be neither permissive nor repressive, and should not involve acts of violence. Be firm while remaining calm. Get used to controlling your anger and managing situations without shouting, hitting or insulting. Do not forget that you must show your child a good example.

10- Excuse yourself when it is necessary

12 Key Tips for Becoming a Good Parent

​​If you happen to lose your calm, if you said or did something that you regret, you must apologize. So your child will learn to apologize when he makes a mistake.

11- Be a united couple

If both of you are involved in the education of your child, the latter must consider you to be a united couple to the extent that you accept and refuse the same things, especially as regards the discipline and the rules to follow. Do not argue with your spouse in front of your child, it may scare him, in addition, the child tends to reproduce what he sees. If you are a separated couple, make sure that you are on the same wavelength with respect to the rules to be followed at home and at the other parent’s home.

12- Be fair

If you have multiple children, spend as much time with each child. Treat them fairly and never compare them to each other.

To be a good parent, try to appreciate the time you spend with your children and manage difficult times especially when you are tired and stressed and your child pushes you to the end. Take a step back, breath, look at those little people to whom you gave life and do your best to be the super parent who will make them great kids.