If you choose to take charge of your own destiny instead of being a follower. If you like to think and feel your way through life. If you want to find out what’s under the surface and discover the real meaning of things instead of being swayed by the mainstream at all times. If you dust your belief system from time to time and reevaluate your likes and dislikes. If you have managed (or seriously trying) to undo your childhood programming. If you’re hungry for wisdom and to push yourself higher at all times. Then this book is for you.

For individuals who are focused on mental and spiritual growth and breaking personal barriers, there has never been a better time. We’re living in an era of accelerated experiences and heightened reality.

The holy grail of personal growth, spirituality and yoga is self-realization. For those truly seeking self-empowerment and enlightenment there is no greater mission. Although the phrase self-realization is commonplace in the world of personal and spiritual growth, very few actually understand the process or even desire it. For most growth only means success in business, career or love and spirituality merely suggests bowing to statues, worshiping deities, stress management, breathing exercises and stretching.

Real spirituality is not depended on any base religion. This is a key secret teaching in mysticism. Yet all so-called spiritual movements in the world are just an extension of some religion. In the US when people refer to spirituality they mostly mean a form of Christianity. If they mention that they follow yogic or Indian teachings that suggests they have become Hindus and worship their gods. The same is true with Buddhism. I call this process deity swap, which is just a lateral movement in faith.

It is the intention and the mission of this book to cut through centuries old haze of disinformation that has existed about the power of real spirituality and to inspire, guide and help you to keep on expanding and ascending.

1. Self-Inquiry

It all starts here. The moment you question who you are, what is your purpose and why you are here at this time, your long process of self-realization begins. It typically starts when you see yourself as a singular expression, instead of being part of a hive or cluster of people or group mind.

2. Self-Discovery

The process of self-discovery will be rocky and very challenging, however with high determination you’ll gradually chip away at it. If self-realization was easy more would seek it, but almost all the planet is focused on other things such as survival, coupling and reproduction, one-upping each other and killing time. Only a nano percent of the world’s population is actively on the self-realization track.

3. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the single most important element in this process, as it is the ingredient that runs consistently and concurrently alongside all other steps. It could be called the pulse, the lubricant, the energy wave; regardless without self-awareness you have nothing.

4. Self-Acceptance

You’re continuously bombarded with images of impossible realities, fake lifestyles and made up physical appearances. Added to that are constant control methods, negative thought waves and intentional disinformation projected in every aspect of your life. You’re made to feel that you aren’t good enough, bad enough, righteous enough, self scarifying enough, hot enough, cool enough, flexible enough, thin enough, smart enough, high enough or hip enough and on and on.

5. Self-Empowerment

Why is self-empowerment so important? You’re a lone spark on an infinite trek of self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-expression. Without self-empowerment you’re just a pawn, a useless drone being controlled physically, emotionally and spirituality by other forces. Without self-empowerment you’re simply a feed for others. You’re just lunch.

6. Self-Worth

The phrase “good guys finish last” is spot on. Although some might argue that it means they’re comfortable with themselves so they don’t wish to compete, but it’s really about self-worth. Most “good” or “obedient” people don’t feel deserving of success. They follow their childhood programming of being a follower with the hope of some reward in the afterlife or as the saying goes for the meek to take over the post-apocalyptic Earth.

7. Self-Reliance

No matter how many people are in your family, spirit cluster, friends’ circle or social media followers, one fact is a constant, you are a singularly unique spark following your own intuition in a maze billions of light years across. Learn to rely more and more on yourself. Use your intuition. Try to feel out your spirit and your body.

8. Self-Healing

40% of the US population is obese (CDC). Most others are hooked on variety of prescription medications. Our medical system is making people worse and by design more dependent on its pharmaceuticals. Almost all prescription drugs carry warnings for serious side effects. Many medications actually cause other ills. A true seeker of self-realization doesn’t blindly follow recommendations or guidelines of others.

9. Self-Respect

Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with the core of who you are for eternity, so the sooner you get to like and respect yourself the better. However, the universe operates in increments of millions of years, so only a few feel the rush and urgency for total self-awareness.

10. Self-Love

This law is an impossibility for most people. Many can’t stand spending time alone or be by themselves; hence they seek constant distraction and keep piling on such diversions and go out of their way to bring about companionships no matter how negative. However, this book is not meant to be a judgment call, nor a morality test or an attempt at placing guilt or shame. My mentor Rumi’s key teachings are ditching shame and guilt and moving way beyond what the society dictates as conventional terms for good and bad.

11. Self-Guided-Destiny

This is not some celebrity’s journey, nor your lover’s, nor a guru’s, nor a yoga teacher’s path. This is certainly not some religion, deity or a God’s track that you maybe following with blindfold on. The process of self-realization is 100% uniquely yours; hence all the steps involve SELF-reflection.

12. Self-Realization

It will take a mind that is thirsty for growth, a spirit that never settles, a psyche that constantly questions everything and discipline to reach this point. It will take a spark that wants to celebrate its uniqueness through lifetimes of trial and error and rock solid dedication to reach this level. Here true liberation becomes possible.

© Shahram Shiva

Note: This is a preview article on a new groundbreaking book  12 Secret Laws of Self-Realization: A Guide to Enlightenment and Ascension by a Modern Mystic on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. By Shahram Shiva.

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  • Shahram Shiva

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator of Rumi. He is teacher of advanced spirituality and ascension.

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi.

    He is the founder of Rumi Network and one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi. Shahram Shiva's Rumi interpretations are quoted and referred to in about 300 books in English and other languages.

    He is a teacher of advanced spirituality (aka ascension). He is known for rich and entrancing concerts and performances, captivating talks and powerful experiential workshops.

    Shahram Shiva's teachings are on the future of spirituality, consciousness expansion, vision manifestation, enlightenment, ascension and self-realization.

    Shahram Shiva's newest books are 12 Secret Laws of Self-Realization and Rumi's Untold Story. His last album to date is Love Evolve.