Even when you have a whole list of things to do, it is sometimes hard to get started. You put off for tomorrow what you could do today. There are so many distractions in life that derail you from getting things done that need to be done. But there are ways to get you motivated and get moving.

1)Take A Short Walk

When you spend time outside and away from the work, it will let you return to the job more refreshed and focused.

2) Get Rid Of Interruptions

You need to set time aside where you will be totally uninterrupted. Fully invest yourself in the project at hand that you need to do. No calls, emails, and talking on the phone.

3) Make One Big Thing A Priority

When you wake up, have a clear plan of what you need to do. Write down things that need to get done. Make something a priority and then do it.

4) Break Down large Projects

Huge tasks can be overwhelming and will just make you shut down and then you do not do it. Break down the big project down into smaller chunks. Tackle them one at a time. This will make them less scary and intimidating.

5) Find The Best Time Of The Day

Some people are morning people and some people are night people. You need to find your prime time in the day. Then get yourself moving and working during that time.

6)Treat Yourself To Something Special

For every goal, treat yourself to something special that you will enjoy. Even something as small as a candy bar will let you have something to look forward to after you work.

7) Start A Finished List

When the day is over, write down all the things you have done during that day. It will help you see all that you have accomplished that day.

8) Take Little Breaks

Work for 30 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. This breaks up the job and gives you time to look forward to while you are working.

9) Make Yourself Accountable

Set deadlines for yourself and then meet them. Tell another person and this will keep you accountable to this person too.

10) Get The Right Amount Of Sleep For Yourself

When you are not getting enough sleep and you are overtired, you are more prone to distractions. With enough sleep, you will be more focused.

11) Keep Yourself Warm

When you are in a warm space, you will be more productive than in a cold room. So crank the heat up.

12) Remove All Distractions

Take stuff off your desk. Close your computer and close off your Facebook and Twitter. When you remove any distractions you will focus more on the job at hand.

You can fight procrastination. You do not have to give in to it and then not get done what needs to be done. Follow these simple steps and you will be more productive and you will get things done that need to be done and you will feel successful and satisfied.