Happy People

Going through a quarter-life crisis? You are never alone in this. Most of us will always have that phase of our life when we start to feel an inexorable kind of restlessness – seeking for meaning, seeking for something beyond the daily grind of things. Are you feeling unhappy these days trying to figure out what you really want to do in your life?

People who are happy, at peace with themselves, and in a good mood have certain behaviors that help them find contentment. They wouldn’t be anything special if they didn’t because these same 12 things can also help anyone else to be happy and in a good mood:

1. Saying “Thank you!”

Expressing gratitude even for the smallest things gives you a deeper sense of happiness. Being happy starts from the little things that matter. If you are grateful for every bit of joy, every bit of sunshine, every bit of random act of kindness from others, there is nothing to stop you from feeling good.

2. Believing “I can do it.”

Happy people are optimistic people. They always imagine the rainbow amid the thick dark clouds. Believing you can do it even when the situation is not favorable help you have an easy time. It is not all about being bitter and suffering in silence. It is about having this faith that whatever happens, something good is about to be revealed.

3. Listening to their own beat

Happy people do not compare themselves to others. They do not over-think just to feel insecure and inadequate. They are confident that they have something great to offer. They find comfort in knowing that they have unique qualities that can lead them to their real purpose.

4. Cultivating kindness

Random acts of kindness and bigger steps of compassion have tremendous effects on a person’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is the happy hormone. There is a natural flow of joy and warmth in a person’s heart when doing acts of kindness. Do you believe in the power of kindness? Happy people do. When you are kind, you are not only making others happy, but you too reap the fruits of shared joy

5. Nurturing deeper relationships

Studies have shown that people who feel less alone have longer lives. This simply means that happy people make sure that they invest some time and energy in sharing moments with others. It is important to have some close friends and a solid relationship with your family.

6. Coping whatever happens

You may find yourself in the crap arena, but this must not be the stop of it all for you. Happy people know how to cope, and they develop means to cope with one failure after the other. Even if your house got broken into and robbed, that does not mean your life is over. Just go to your local locksmith in Toronto and get a better lock installed. Even if you got laid off from work, it does not mean this latest setback will spell the end of your career.

7. Forgiving before forgetting

Negative emotions like hatred and grudges are not good for your well-being. Happy people let the feelings go by being in the moment and accepting that some things just fall apart. Having conflicts can’t be avoided, but you can always take the door that gives peace in your heart.

8. Going with the flow

As the beautiful movie, The Waking Life puts it, “the current wow is happening now.” Those who are living in the present reap so much joy in what they are doing. Being engrossed with their current task enables them to savor each moment with enthusiasm, fulfillment, and bliss.

9. Slowing down to savour

In a busy world of commitments and deadlines, happy people slow down and savour. Whether it’s a refreshing mint tea in the morning or the sight of stars at night, not being in a hurry for the next days or the next hours is just so wonderful. It’s in the little moments when we find the reasons why life can be so enjoyable.

10. Acting on goals

Perhaps, other people may think that some people are just too happy to have goals. This is a misconception. Happy people have some sort of dreams turned into goals (short-term or long-term). Acting on goals gives you that sense of responsibility and a driving force to get you going.

11. Strengthening spirituality

There is an endless source of awe, beauty, and magic. As you submit yourself to a higher power above you, it is a great move to humble down and strengthen your connection to everything around you. As you surrender your heart to the belief that you are not the master of it all, you become more vulnerable and open to the magic.

12. Taking care of the body

Did you know that exercise and good eating can make you happy too? Too much sitting, not getting enough sunshine, and eating junk add up reasons to feel depressed. Regular exercise has been proven to help your mental and emotional health, too.