Sometimes we see many people doing the same thing, but only a few of them become successful. What do these people have, which makes them better than someone who puts in the same amount and energy in work but doesn’t become successful? What is the secret formula that can help one to be successful?

The difference lies in the small good habits that they do in their daily routine. Every successful person has some discreet little actions that they do, which help them be more successful than ordinary people with the same intelligence, skills, and opportunities. Here are 12 small things that successful people do regularly in their daily routine.

  1.  They leave their bed early in the morning:

One of the main important things that almost all successful people do is getting up early in the morning. This helps them have more time to plan their day and use it to do essential tasks such as to reply to emails or exercise.

2. If they are good, they try to be better:

They have a constant hunger for knowledge. Being just good at something is not enough for successful people. They try to learn more and improve their skills and become better at it.

3. They take care of their mind and body:

Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric, wakes up at 5:30 am to do his morning workout, whereas Barack Obama runs 3 miles or does a 45-minute workout 6time per week. They eat well and make sure that they meditate to help them get rid of stress, anxiety. They do it every day to improve their memory and get many other benefits from it.

4. They use a notebook/Journal and create a to-do-list:

All successful people make sure that they write down everything. From ideas to a to-do-list, it helps them keep track of important things and stay organized. Writing things down helps the idea of a place to live and free the person’s mind, so they don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

5. They create a balance in their life:

Successful people make sure that they create a balance in everything in their life. They maintain a balance between their work-life as well as their personal life. They make sure to give time to their families, look after themselves and work as well. They believe that small breaks from work can help them stay refreshed.

6. They stay optimistic and believe in themselves:

Successful people always keep a positive mindset. They believe that maintaining a positive attitude gives them strength in difficult times, and that way, they don’t give up. They always look for positive in every situation and make it their center of attention.

7. They have a network of joyful and successful people surrounding them:

Successful people try their best to surround themself with people with a positive mindset. They avoid people with negative mindsets as negative energy can affect their personality.

8. They talk less and do more:

These people not only sit around and talk about things or gather ideas in their minds. They make sure that whatever they say, they act on it immediately without wasting any time.

9. They are not afraid of changes and can work out of their comfort zone:

Many people are scared of changes in their life. They like how things are going and don’t want any interruptions in them. However, successful embrace any change and manage themselves even if it is out of their comfort zone. They accept changes as a new experience in their life.

10. They read a lot:

Reading is a habit of most successful people in the world. They make sure that they read a lot and learn something new every day. It also helps them think better, and some read it to escape reality and take a break from things.

11. They are goal-oriented and make sure they achieve them:

Settings goals and achieving them is one of the best qualities of successful people. They set small goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them, helping them come closer and achieve a long-term goal.

12. They accept failure and learn from it:

Failure is a part of life, and instead of regretting it, successful people accept it, and they learn from it. They don’t live in the past. They keep on trying new things, commit mistakes and learn from them.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a family heritage you need to work to get success. It is all about the right mindset, right habits, patience, and consistency. The journey of success can be very long and sometimes difficult. One just needs to believe in himself.