Do you experience a sigh in your stomach every time you open Instagram? Such one of those suckers who do not feel like happy butterflies in the stomach but closer feels like cold sweats, palpitations, the lump in the stomach and with a myriad of thoughts afterwards about what to expect in there? scroll down to read more tips on how to get rid of Instagram anxiety.

13 tips to get rid of Instagram anxiety.

Tip #1: If you can feel that you have become addicted to Instagram and that it has started to control your emotions too much then take a break. Remove the Instagram app from your mobile phone and other devices. Remove it from your computer’s bookmark collection. Makes it difficult for you to access the page for a period of time. You are out of addiction faster than you think.

Tip #2: Instagram anxiety can be kept down by only opening Instagram a very low number of times a day. For example, you can make an appointment with yourself to only go on Instagram once a day at a certain time.

Tip #3: Avoid opening Instagram at times when you know in advance you are more receptive or vulnerable. The more vulnerable you are, the more what you read will hit you.

Tip #4: Avoid opening Instagram at times when you know in advance that you will not be able to act.

Tip #5: Never check Instagram in bed! Keep all social media (emails and mobile viewing in general) out of the bedroom. Instagram can trigger thoughts and feelings that can disrupt your important sleep.

Tip #6: For you who feel guilt and bad conscience about Likes – make any. an inner rule of only liking a certain type of post. Keep the emotions as free as possible so that you are not so easily affected. There are many ways to get more likes on Instagram and other social media application but don’t feel guilty of getting fewer likes.

Tip #7: If you participate in an Instagram group that affects you in a negative direction – then sign up. It’s not worth it. If you feel upstairs again, you can always sign up again or search elsewhere.

Tip #8: If you are still affected, turn off the computer or mobile phone and go for a walk. Get the fresh wind in your face and be physically reminded of what is your real life.

Tip #9: Many people find that they get rid of anxiety when they help others in their anxiety take advantage of it, but do not forget to help yourself – you are most important in your life.

Tip #10: Keep your boundaries and make sure you write, comment and act in accordance with your inner values ​​rather than what you imagine others on Instagram might think.

Tip #11: Even if you have anxiety and participate in various anxiety groups out on Instagram, it is not at all certain that it is good for you. For example, there may be too much unrest, too many influences and expressions. Moods that may be contributing to your anxiety. If you notice that the group does not give you anything good, look elsewhere and use Instagram for other pages of yourself.

Tip #12: Instagram is without control and boundaries. If you feel anxiety on Instagram, it may be an idea to keep a low profile for a while and find the strength in yourself.

Tip #13: Remember that anxiety is a condition that goes away again. Instagram is here to stay. Take your time and take control of yourself. Decide for yourself. Take care of yourself.