A very successful graphic designer would have hope with these 3 things. A graphic designer must have these three things’ in 2021; to succeed.  These eight things are:  1.) Increasing business knowledge., 2.) Creativity., 3.) Problem solving skills. These 3 traits can lead to a graphic designer’s success.  Sharing your work early and skill’s in typography might help as well. Ambition, courage, commitment, Integrity, willpower, drive, patience and optimism. Well, these 8 things can bring hope to a person.  So, add these 8 things with the first three and you come up with 11 thing’s that can bring hope to a graphic designer to help a graphic designer succeed. Amazing right. I hope this article help’s you too be able to succeed as a person and hopefully you can use the 13 thing’s a graphic designer needs to have success in 2021 as a model/module example to build your life upon to have success too. I really hope this article will help you too succeed as a person even if you are not a graphic designer.  The 13 things a graphic designer must have to succeed in 2021 are: (1. Increasing business knowledge., 2.) Creativity.,3.) Problem solving skills., 4.) Sharing your work early.,5.) Skills in typography.,6.) Ambition. 7.) Courage. ,8.) Commitment.,

9.) Willpower., 10.) Integrity. 11.) Drive., 12.) Patience. 13.) Optimism. These are thirteen thing’s a graphic designer needs to succeed in 2021. Hopefully this article will help you to achieve success.