Did you know that there are 114% more women entrepreneurs in the U.S. today compared to 20 years ago? In addition to this, there are 12.3 million women-owned businesses in just about any industry in the country, including retail, food, communication, and finance. And these companies–much like the amazing women who own them–continue to raise standards and shatter glass ceilings everywhere. 

Today, we learn more about 14 leading women entrepreneurs and ask them about the one business advice that they’d give anyone who’s looking to start their own venture.

1. Heather DeSantis

Heather  is the founder and CEO of multi-awarded purpose-driven PR firm, Publicity For Good (PFG). The recipient of many awards herself, including  Top Women in PR 2021 Entrepreneurs Award, she has always believed that serving a bigger purpose is the ultimate key to success.

“I founded Publicity For Good because I know deep down that my gifts are supposed to be used for something more than just making profit. I use my knowledge, skills, and connections to help purpose-driven brands grow until they become leaders in their space. This, in turn, helps them to serve others better.”

2. Madeline Haydon

As the CEO of leading non-dairy, sugar free coffee creamer brand, nutpods, Madeline Haydon knows exactly how it feels like to build something great from scratch. The idea for nutpods came from her personal necessity after all–using a recipe that she formulated in her own kitchen using a few simple ingredients. Today, nutpods is one of the most sought-after better-for-you brands in the market. It continues to be a bestseller in almost all the platforms they are present in and is the leading plant-based creamer brand on Amazon.com. It was also named by Huff Post as one of the best plant-based companies.

“When it comes to business, one of the best things I’ve learned is that you need to have a really open mind. You need to be open to others’ ideas and suggestions. Just because the idea is originally yours, just because you have the authority, does not mean that you are always right. Accept that there are others with more knowledge than you, and use that to advance yourself and your company.”

3. Sims Mccormick

Real Oyster Cult (ROC) is a leading provider of fresh, sustainably sourced, farm-to-table oysters, and one of the persons behind this successful seafood brand is Sims Mccormick who also handles most of its creative requirements. She believes that the best business advice she can give anyone is to lead with empathy.

“We obviously live in a very difficult time; a time that magnifies the importance of human connections and values. As an entrepreneur, I find that making decisions and operating every day based on empathy is one that’s most effective–regardless of what industry you’re in.”

4. Kaylee McLaughlin

Kaylee’s Culture is a leading bubbly probiotic drink that was founded by mother of three and the wife of a Navy officer, Kaylee McLaughlin. Kaylee had to learn all about business by listening to podcasts and doing her own research. But it all paid off. Kaylee’s Culture is now present in various supermarkets all over the country and is available for purchase online. 

“As someone who needed the help of so many people just to get my idea off the ground, the best business advice I can give anyone is to collaborate. You’re not meant to do everything. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Hire people who are better than you to get the work done.

5. Amanda Mineer

Veterans Law Group is one of the most respected advocates for disabled veterans within the legal community. They are known for representing and helping physically and/or psychologically disabled veterans and their families obtain the maximum level of VA disability benefits through their meticulous work, which often leads them to evidence that even veterans don’t realize they had. Amanda Mineer heads this organization which helps everyone who they can to navigate the bureaucratic maze of the disability claims process.

“I tell this to everyone I meet–not just entrepreneurs, but clients, friends, anyone. Know your rights. Take the time to educate yourself about benefits that the government offers. Learn how to get things done quickly, and to make sure that your every move falls under the limits of the law. This will provide you extra security and put you at a great advantage over everyone else.”

6. Ebony Ruffin

Ebony Ruffin, a.k.a. “The Queen of Life Insurance” founded  Ruffin Consulting Services because she wanted to change the outdated mindset that stops people from enjoying the benefits of having life insurance. Through her business, Ebony is changing the narrative of life insurance from a death benefit to a wealth benefit, and she does this through her various educational initiatives. The work of Ruffin Consulting Services has been highlighted in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Nerdwallet, Intuit, Insurance News Net and more.

“Always set bigger, but very specific goals. This is how you grow your business. You look at parts of it and set specific growth indicators for each. Once you’ve reached that goal, go bigger. Don’t set unrealistic, vague ones. Go for reachable goals that you can sustain.”

7. Soom Sisters

Amy, Shelby, and Jackie founded Soom Foods on the premise of bringing quality tahini and tahini products closer to people and encouraging them to discover the many ways that it can be used to make dishes more delicious. Dubbed as the creme dela creme of the tahini world, Soom Tahini is enjoyed by both restaurant chefs and home cooks from all over the world, and has led countless individuals to have better appreciation for this versatile, nutrient-dense ingredient.

Amy Zitelman, the youngest of the Soom Sisters, says, “Being obsessed with your business is really key. Always be on the lookout for sneaky ways to improve and diversify. Having some sort of obsession with what you do will open so many doors for you; doors you never knew existed.”

8. Susan Chen

After spending a decade feeling overworked, over-traveled, and fatigued, Susan was on the verge of burnout due to her high-demand Wall Street job. Years of accumulated stress slowly began to overshadow feelings of innate bliss and happiness. Then, Susan found Vedic Meditation, and, within a short time of practicing, she began to feel relaxed and happy in her everyday life again–while still enjoying the best years of her career. Susan now runs Meditate with Susan and trains executives and entrepreneurs in Vedic Meditation, all while teaching people from all walks of life how to establish an enjoyable, effective meditation practice in their lives.

“The best business advice I can give anyone is to first and foremost, try to find what makes you happy. Build your business from there. That way, you’d always be passionate about it.”

9. Thara Natalie

A former singer, Thara’s foray into yoga was inspired by her desire to help others have access to the same benefits she was enjoying from the practice. Ultimately, this was what encouraged her to leave show business and open FireShaper Tenafly, and later on Spirit Warrior Nation, which allowed her to help everyone from all over the world.

“If there’s one thing I learned about business that I hope to impart on everyone it’s that you have to stay focused. Not every day will be a good day. In fact, most days will be bad. You need to know how to roll with the punches and keep moving towards your goal.

10. Lynda Monk

As the director of the  International Association for Journal Writing Lynda shares the healing and transformational benefits of personal writing to the world, which everyone can agree that the world needs now more than ever. They have members from all over the world who enjoy the full benefits of the practice thanks to the guidance of the organization.

“Similar to journaling, everyone who wants to start their business needs to learn to take it one day at a time. Sure, set a big goal, but also don’t overpressure yourself to reach that goal based on someone else’s timelines. Work hard so you can reach your dream, but also be kind to yourself. Teach yourself to break down your goals into smaller ones that are more realistic.”

11. Sarah Bowmar

As the CEO of Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein,  Sarah Bowmar is no stranger to success. She is also a sought-after certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, prenatal and postpartum trainer who has helped countless individuals–some of them famous people–to reach their dream bodies. She is also blogger. She runs a highly successful podcast with her husband. 

“First, focus on what you’re good at. You want to be successful, you need to learn how to play on your strengths. Next, always be willing to learn. This is a problem that I’ve seen with so many people. They experience some sort of success and immediately they think their better than everyone else. Stay low so you can grow.”

12. Maryann Walsh

Registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and certified personal fitness trainer, Maryann Walsh is respected by most for her innovative approach to wellness. She owns a nutrition consulting firm based in Palm Beach and has been helping people achieve their fitness goals and create better relationships with food for over 10 years now. 

“Business success is highly influenced by mastery. Mastery of knowing every process of your operation. Mastery of how to deal with people. Mastery of your products. You need to know all these things in and out.”

13. Delphia Brewton

Delphia Brewton is the CEO of Blessings from My Heart To Your Table, a catering company that rescues and restores women who were victims of domestic violence. Through the food and services they offer, Blessings from My Heart To Your Table provides these women with a home and financial resources so that they can leave their abusers and stop the cycle of abuse.

“Never compromise your values. Not for profit, not for anything. Never make any decision that you know you will regret later on.”

14. Amanda Nelson 

 Amanda Nelson of Exploring Amanda is a travel personality, and a no BS motivational speaker. You can find her sharing 10-second mantras on Tiktok as well as the dichotomous 10-second motivational videos. No more victim mentality and lack of ideals, a new realm of possibilities opened up for her. When Amanda isn’t traveling, she is teaching people how to get paid to travel, find their independence, and step into their own freedom.