There are thousands of types of DIY projects to do at home, from creative and decorative projects, to functional projects that improve the efficiency of the house. The good thing about these projects is that there are all kinds of things and we can choose the one we like the most or the one we like best, and even adapt it to our needs and tastes.

Here you have 15 fun and functional DIY Crafts and Creative Ideas your home the way you like it:

1.- Bird eater

With a circular mold, bird seeds, a ribbon and liquid sebum, we can create an extra food for the birds that will come to them in winter time.

2.- Tomato inverted

Instead of throwing bottles of soda and other 2-liter drinks, we can cut the bottom of the bottle and hang it inverted so that the bottom is up and the part of the cap is down. What we will do is fill the bottle with earth and tomato seeds (spices and peppers are also worth it) and we will water regularly. With the passage of time, the plant will start to leave the part of the stopper and we will have our tomato inverted.

3.- Vases of light with different drawings

Wrap some rope around each jar by drawing different shapes for each one. Then paint the jar of the color you like the most and remove the string. Now when placing a candle inside the jar, we can see how the different shapes and drawings that we made with the rope light up, giving a very cozy atmosphere to the area of ​​the house where they are.

4.- Baked labels made of salt and flour

Ideal to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day, or for any other special occasion.

5.- Customized garden stones

We can make a path of custom flat rocks to walk through our garden using large leaves (like those of rhubarb), cement and a palette.

6.- Vertical garden made with shoe organizers 

A shoe organizer is excellent for planting and cultivating all kinds of aromatic plants, spices and other plants.

7.- Beakers of small round stones

Using white glue or some other type of glue, stick the stones to a round surface (wood or fabric) to make our particular cup-holder.

8.- Hanging flowerpot for the garden

With a flowerpot and a bit of rope or wire we can make a very fun floating pot. We can plant things like lechiga, spices, tomatoes, strawberries …

9.- Natural lip balm

We only need beeswax, a carrier oil (such as olive or almond) and the taste or fragrance that we like the most.

10.- Cassette Wallet

With an old cassette and a zipper we can make a personalized retro purse.

11.- Painted stones to organize the cultivation in the garden

When we grow in our garden, we often forget the exact place where everything grows. With these personalized stones we can organize ourselves much better and know where everything is located.

12.- Custom twine lights for the garden 

To make these string lights we only need, twine (or thin string), corn starch, glue, balloons and spray paint.

13.- Mini Terrarium made with used glass jars

We just have to fill jars of rocks, earth and small plants to make miniature gardens that we can have indoors.

14.- Personalized dresser

When our furniture starts to look old, a good coat of paint and some paper fodder helps to renew them and give them a different touch.

15.- Bath salts

The coarse sea salt mixed with our favorite essential oils and a few drops of food coloring make great bath salts.