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When I started writing 100 Secrets, it was dark times for me. I felt insecure and overwhelmed, incapable of fulfilling my destiny. I doubted my dreams. I questioned what I do. I doubted my passion. I doubted my path. I doubted everything I have ever worked for. I stopped trusting my gut feelings, and I made tons of painful mistakes.

I desperately needed rescuing. But that wasn’t going to happen, I believed. In my world back then, no one rescues you. You are alone. You come to this life alone, you walk alone, and you leave alone.

I wasn’t aware that I was, indeed, being rescued by so many people and so many forces simultaneously in all the ways possible and unimaginable. I was never alone.

But I felt I was; alone and forgotten. Left for dead on the way to my dreams, never to reach my destination. The path was blurry, uphill, unclear, painful. I felt I had no option but to hide under that rock in my way, which looked like a mountain. To die from the heat of the fire, that was my challenge. Or at the sword of my enemy that was my doubt. Readily letting my soul fall on the sharp end or be burned by the flame, whatever came first.

Once again, as life always has it, my lesson was hiding in plain sight.

Because what does fire do to a soul but refine it? And what does a sword do to a soul but sharpen it?

Me of little faith!

At the time, I needed to dig out the lessons I learned from Abraham Hicks, which had, in the past, filled me with clarity. I had to revisit the security and confidence I built from listening to “The Secret” on repeat for over a year.

Where was all my confidence and clarity?

I was being called to play with the big boys in the Film Industry, and I chickened out big time. I lost my way. I suddenly didn’t know what my name was or why was I here.

I took my pen and paper in a desperate attempt to figure things out. I needed to remember the lessons learned in “other lives” from my own stories. In the past, writing in tears and amid pain and confusion had always brought clarity and healing – blessing beyond expectation.

I wasn’t crying or depressed, but I was full of fear and doubt. I didn’t recognise myself. I even started a business in the Healthcare Recruitment Industr, and I convinced myself that I was really into it by investing in that business quite a lot. I was confused, to say the least. I was afraid to sum it up. I needed to find my way. I’d lost myself. After having achieved success and recognition in the Film Industry and being called higher, I went away, and I hid under a “mountain” rock.

Writing, or rewriting 100 Secrets helped me reaffirm my faith. It helped me get back on track, but who is to say that I was off track? During this crisis, I started one of my most ambitious and beloved projects: A collection of 100 short stories illustrating my perception of the Law of Attraction and how it works through the eyes of courageous and compelling characters who I might have dreamt about throughout my entire life.

Writing these stories reminded me that my life happens for me – no one else. No one is watching, no one cares. No one is waiting for me to live my life or not to live my life for that matter. I didn’t want to play with the “big boys” last year but maybe I will next year. Who cares? Right? Just I and I’m fine with whatever I decide to do.

Quotes that pulled me Closer to my Higher Self


“Life is not a glass of water we merely drink. Life is the freshness and the repeated quenching of thirst” — Preface Secret #1


“People and beings with eyes that whisper stories no one ever heard before. They tell me their secrets, affairs, fears, and triumphs as I pass them” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“The man is luminous! Like angels are in movies, at first sight, then as the light fades from around him a bright smile shines forth” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“I’m experiencing one of those rare moments of enlightenment and bliss, those moments when one realises if only for a split second, that life is just perfect” — The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“Love is never selfish. Love is what we are supposed to do and to be. Happy, static, blissful, utterly fulfilled leading extraordinary lives because of the Love we are” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1

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“We are all one. All parts can be exhilarating. All can benefit from your love” The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“You don’t need a strategy. You are it. You are there you have everything you need” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“The world is you as much as is every one of us. Stop thinking you are a separate individual” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory


“Each person is the master, creator, designer of their reality; thus they are the creator of their life and destiny” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“The change begins within oneself with willingness, belief and knowing. From within all manners of wealth and well-being manifest” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“I wished that our souls be bound for all eternity from the beginning of time. I was a converted lover and a believer my wish was merely true” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1

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“Gratitude is the first step is what leads you to the feeling of unconditional love is your doorway to freedom, absolute happiness, and well being” – The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell Aka The Love Theory Secret #1


“Whoever passed through it always came back with something extraordinary to tell good or bad, sometimes horrific, when they came back” – The Nameless


“They said that with a glance, the woman gave them the light of the sun on a new day, with a smile she granted them one more life” – The Nameless


“A wave of emotions swamped me in the fashion of a furious tempest. My whole being drowned in sorrow. It was the sadness that you feel when you realise that you have been missing from your life” – The Nameless


“Look with the eyes of the soul. Smile with the heart. And then you will see” – The Nameless

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