Tips to be mentally healthy

In the time of COVID-19, the lockdown has made things worse for us as we the Human Beings are the most social animal for whom going outside for work, parties, meeting friends, etc is very much important.

But because of the lockdown, everyone Is locked in their houses and are not able to perform their daily routine because of which almost everyone is facing change in their behavior.

So it becomes very important to take care of your mental health in the time of this pandemic as taking care of mental health is one of the most important things to do.

So here are some tips which will help you to be mentally fit in during the pandemic.

  1. WORKOUT – Working out not only keeps our body fit physically but it also helps you to release tension and stress and in the time of pandemic when everyone is stressed about their work, working out can be one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically fit.
  2. PLAYING FUN GAMES WITH FAMILY-Having some quality and a fun time is really important in this lockdown period as it will help you to feel the warmth of the family and it also helps to come closer to your family members.
  3. LEARN NEW THINGS- It is always said that one should utilize the time to the fullest, so in this pandemic, we have a lot of free time where we can learn new things which will not only increase our knowledge but it will keep you busy and will help you to stay away from overthinking as everyone these days are doing overthinking so this is one of the best ways to stay away from it.
  4. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS – Dr. R.K. Suri says (Founder Psychowellness Center, Mentor Talk To Angel)this is the time when everyone is doing overthinking so to keep your mind clear and fresh you should share your thoughts to you close ones as sharing of thoughts helps you to release tension.
  5. MEDITATION – Meditation is magic in itself! It keeps you mentally fresh , healthy, it improves your concentration. Meditation is really good for those people who have anxiety and depression issues so if you want to keep your body, as well as mental health fit, meditation is one of the best options.
  6. SLEEPING SCHEDULE – We all can experience a change in our sleeping pattern but it is really necessary to sleep properly as sleep reduces our tension and stress. Lack of sleep or bad sleeping pattern can cause many mental health issues.
  7. STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FRIENDS-Friends plays a very important role in everyone’s life and in the time of this pandemic when we are unable to meet our friends it becomes necessary to stay in touch with them as it is good for our mental health.
  8. AVOID WATCHING NEGATIVE NEWS ALL THE TIME– As we all can see that whenever we open a news channel these days there is always something bad and negative on it. So it is important to stay away from such negativity as it is causing anxiety and overthinking problems.
  9. DO THINGS WHICH YOU LOVE – In our daily life, we barely used to get chance to do things which we love the most so when today we are having so much time, doing things which we love the most is a very good way to stay mentally fit as it gives you happiness and releases stress.
  10. EATING HEALTHY– Taking a proper healthy diet is very important in this pandemic to keep yourself both mentally and physically fit. Check these 8 foods to boost immunity in this time
  11. YOGA-Yoga is also one of the best ways to keep your body fit both mentally and physically as yoga gives you peace and helps you to calm both your body and mind.
  12. STAY AWAY FROM RUMORS– As we all know that these days circulation is very common and some fake news really causes anxiety between people which is not a good thing in the time of pandemic so staying away from such fake news is good for your mental health.
  13. WRITE ABOUT THINGS FOR WHICH YOU FEEL GRATEFUL – Writing daily about things which makes you feel grateful that they are in your life is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated as it brings positive energy and makes you feel both happy and blessed.
  14. READING GOOD THINGS – When you read good books and motivating books it influences you and also motivates you so reading good books in the pandemic is really a good option.
  15. EAT WITH YOUR FAMILY – In our busy schedule it’s not possible to eat together with your family but in this pandemic, one can easily do so as it will bring you closer to your family members which are good for your mental health.
  16. LESS CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL AND CAFFEINE –  Consuming less alcohol and caffeine is really important in the pandemic as caffeine disturbs your sleeping pattern and alcohol can give you more anxiety. So try to consume little amount of both alcohol and caffeine is the right decision to stay mentally fit.