17 Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

Things I’m thankful for this year…

  1. The internet. 
  2. The freedom to express my opinions, no matter what they may be. I’m no anarchist, but I appreciate having the option if I wanted to be. 
  3. The meal I’ll be eating today — even if it were “regular” and not a “Thanksgiving” feast. 
  4. My willingness and ability to reinvent myself. Times and people change, and I’ve changed with them. 
  5. Power of choice — over decisions, associations, energy, and thoughts. Life is but an amalgamation of our decisions, and I’ve chosen to make my own life. 
  6. Every friend whom I’ve kept in touch with for 10+ years. Not as easy as it sounds, especially in our world of texting-over-speaking. 
  7. Relationships strong enough to exist even after conflict and confrontation. 
  8. AirBnB. Often much better than hotels, and always a unique experience. 
  9. Smart, experienced people who share what they know. They shorten my learning curve. 
  10. The eight or nine jobs I worked before graduating college, which helps me understand the employee side as well as the boss side. 
  11. All the times I’ve taken the risk instead of sitting on my hands. These are the times of my life that I’m most proud of. All the times when I did nothing, I’m still mad at myself about it. 
  12. The lovely weather in Miami. I’m writing this while sitting outside on an 80 degree day in November.
  13. Negotiation. You can get anything with the right offer and the right set of questions. 
  14. Insight. It’s often the right question — NOT the right answer — that’s the key to a breakthrough. 
  15. Being able to teach what I know. Both the skill of it, and the technology that makes it possible. Without both, I’d have a different career right now. 
  16. The opportunity to prove myself. When you don’t have connections or an “in,” this is all you can ask for. Then, you have to do something with it. 
  17. You readers. Your feedback is what keeps me writing the next one, and the one after that. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

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