Find out the two things that you already have so that you can start pitching to the media today!

“How can I make the audience TRUST me?”, it’s a question that I hear often from Entrepreneurs and Coaches from around the world. When your audience TRUSTS you, it’s easier for you to lead them to the next step whether it’s to your Masterclass, events or to schedule a call with you.

So how can you build the trust factor with your audience that positions you as the authority, expert and leader in your field?

Imagine having a third party with a globally recognised name endorsing you such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, FOX, USA Today, Business Innovator and TED. Will that help to elevate your credibility status and almost instantly create a trustworthiness factor with your brand and company?

“Having a globally renowned third party endorsing you will give a tremendous credibility boost to your brand and business!”

Dr Izdihar Jamil, #1 International Bestselling Author and TED Ed Presenter,

Absolutely YES!

It’s a prestige and privilege to be associated with such powerful and globally recognised brands. That is how you position yourself as the top 10% in your field. Those institutions have done most of the work of recognising you as the expert in your field. Your job then is to deliver 🙂

Here are two things that you already have that the media is looking for. By knowing this you can start to pitch to the media and build your credibility and trust factors with your audience today!

Getting featured on a prestigious platform like TED Ed is a tremendous credibility boost. Watch the presentation here:


The media’s number one priority is serving its audience. Their audience is hungry for stories, inspiration and ideas for them to consume. That’s why Editors and Journalists are constantly chasing stories around the world to share with their readers. 

Here’s the secret…

You already have a newsworthy story!

The challenges that you went through, your breakdowns, your breakthroughs are exactly what the media is looking for. How you moved from point A to point B- that’s all that they want for you to share with the hope. 

For example, I left my corporate world to become a stay at home mom. Then a horrible event happened to me where I was faced with social abuse and harassment when I came to America. As a way of healing and shifting my mindset, I started an online business. An editor from a top magazine loved my story and I was featured on the Front cover of the magazine!

You can find out more about how I started my coaching and consultancy business in my #1 International Bestselling Book, “Yes I Can!” here:

So, do you have a story that you can share with an audience? I bet you do so there you go, you have something that the media is looking for!


To validate and create credibility with a piece of a story that an editor or journalist is working on, they would often seek experts to give an opinion or advice. So who are the experts that they are looking for? 

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant or Business Owner that specializes in a particular field of niche then the Editors and Journalists are looking for experts just like you. Yes, you heard me right… they are looking for you!

Why? Because you’re offering solutions to people’s problems and that’s what they want validation and authority advice on. You know what your niche is going through and have the knowledge and skills to give expert opinions. How cool is that?

For example, I pitch my expertise around sales to the Editor of the W G Magazine and it was accepted. It’s a skill and knowledge that already have and I’m using it to make an impact to the magazine’s audience.

I shared about How To Be A Sales Superstart in the W G Magazine. Check out the article here:

What’s next?

Now that you’ve got the two things that the media is looking for- your story and expertise all you need to do is start pitching to them consistently and you’ll get results.

Remember, you already have it in you. So it’s time for you to get into the spotlight and get featured in the media so that you have a global brand that endorsing your credibility.

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