signs of toxic relationship

Relationships as a couple are sometimes complicated. Yet, there are romances in which one of the members (or both) have behaviors that can see as a psychological and emotional problem for the other person, who is not aware that you are living a toxic relationship, coming to justify and normalize such attitudes.

However, it is possible that at some point in the relationship we may commit some of the behaviors typical of toxic relationships, without meaning that we are in a relationship like this since a toxic relationship will be one in which one or more problems occur of which we will comment below on a regular basis.

Thus, it is very important to ask ourselves if we are in a courtship or marriage in which these behaviors occur, either on the part of the other person or ours, which we will achieve by doing a good self-criticism.

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Signs of Toxic Relationship

Below are 20 attitudes and behaviors that occur in a toxic partner relationship:
1. It bothers you that you go out with your friends or make plans on your own.
2. It bothers you that you don’t depend on him or her to make your plans.
3. He doesn’t like you to keep your accounting.
4. It bothers you not having access to your personal items.
5. Does not respect your privacy.
6. It bothers you that you have your privacy.
7. Be jealous of people with whom you have a good friendship or family relationship.
8. It controls your movements and your schedules.
9. He does not ask for your opinion about the activities you do together.
10. It makes you less, it tells you to shut up, it makes you feel that yours is less important.
11. It makes you feel that without him or her you would not be less than you are with him or her.
12. He or she will continuously question you.
13. Emotionally blackmails you.
14. Treats you with excessive overprotection.
15. You are disrespectful.
16. It makes you less.
17. Discussions end when you give in.
18. Makes you guilty and responsible for your problems.
19. It demands too much of you.
20. You have sex to avoid getting angry, for blackmail or comparing you to other couples.

How to end this toxic relationship? The solutions of a toxic relationship, if you recognize some of these behaviors on the part of your partner or on your part, it is good that you know that performing psychological therapy these attitudes are redirectable in some cases.

However, on other occasions, it is not so, the responsibility of the couple to end that relationship and repair the wounds left by a stormy relationship (in which going to the psychologist is also very helpful).