People feel a bit rubbish about their lives when left alone. Feeling lonely is a quite normal thing. A person may feel lonely with his friends and family too. Everyone feels lonely at one point in their life. It can also occur when you are disconnected from other people or when you are in social isolation.

Loneliness not only has short term consequences but for some, it may be long-lasting too with a near steady-state. Sometimes living in loneliness is a good thing. People call it solitude because you get knowledge about your own self in solitude, you get to know yourself better and deeper.

Loneliness is perfectly normal in nature, but it is not necessary to feel lonely all the time. One needs to manage the balance. There are many simple ways to deal with it. To beat loneliness for your own help and self-care, here are some tips:

1. Please Don’t Isolate Yourself

It’s okay that you are finding it difficult when you try to get engage with people around you. With this you may get a negative self-image too and it can make your problems worse. But please don’t isolate yourself from other people. You can find someone who can treat you the way you want, listen to your problems and then help you to overcome.

2. Keeping Yourself Busy

When you feel lonely keep yourself busy in the things you like to do. You can join a gym or a club or a group with a meaningful activity so that you can get interest in that and it will help you overcome your loneliness.

3. People Should Remember That We All Feel Lonely Sometimes.

Everyone tends to feel lonely at least once in their life. That loneliness may be due to any reason. Some may feel lonely when they experience breakup in their love life, others may feel lonely when they get shifted from one place to another. Not only this people may also feel lonely when they are in a relationship also or when they are with their family and friends.

4. Go Find A Hobby

Go get involved in an activity which suits you or a hobby which you enjoy the most. You can make new friends also. If you will share your interests you may get new connections for yourself.

5. Travel If You Can

If you feel lonely, then go and travel by your own. When you go travelling, you are more likely to get into conversation with the driver. Which help you gets connected.

6. Ping Someone In Your Life

When you feel lonely you may also ping someone with whom you have not connected for a long time.

7. Do Write A Personal Story Or A Journal

I will personally suggest you to keep a diary. It’s an effective way to deal with loneliness. You can write your own story in the diary or keep a journal also. You may also write poems to keep you away from your loneliness.

8. Organize Your Home

Some people find a feeling of peace and calm when they organize the things in order. Some people find a space in their brain when they put the things in order and clean up the physical space.

9. Visit A Religious Place

The place of worship is a place where the vibrations give a spiritual feeling and give you a peace of mind. You may also build faith in a supernatural power and sometimes improves the social connections also.

10. Find A Counselor

If you are not able to cope with your loneliness apart from trying, then you should visit a counselor or a psychologist. They will understand you fully and help ease your loneliness.

11.  Listening To Music

Science has proven that there are health benefits of music, and it makes people happy. Good tunes can shift your mood and make you more positive or fill you with positive memories. It may also inspire you while you work for something. Certain lyrics are made in such a way that they can feel you less lonely.

12.  Be Your Own Best Friend

You can be your own best friend and this will ease your loneliness. Your loneliness will convert into solitude and hence you will know yourself better than ever before. You will start finding yourself at peace and start knowing yourself in a deeper context.

13. Money Will Not Help

Please don’t assume that money will help you overcome your loneliness. People start doing shopping for goods and stuffs, feeling that will ease their loneliness. But it may make them make lonelier. Stuffs that we buy with money can never ease your loneliness and depression.

14. Please Make Use Of Social Media More Wisely

More use of social media can exacerbate your feeling of loneliness. Social media can make you feel more isolated from people around and far away from you. Studies suggested that what people are and what they pretend on social media are totally different. People who are sad from inside also pretend to be happy when it comes to social media. Because of which you can make yourself compared with other people and in turn make you feel lonelier.

15. Sleep On Your Loneliness

Researchers suggest that people who feel lonely are not having a good quality sleep. They are deprived of it. So you should get a good quality sleep, which will help them be more energized and they will be able to meet more and more people and create their own social connection. This will ease their loneliness.

16.  Convert Your Loneliness Into Solitude

Solitude is a place where you convert your negatives into positives and create a blissful mind. Loneliness can be used to convert everything into calm and peace. Solitude is a best place for your steady mind. It slowly comes with age in some people

17.  Join A Support Group

Find a story which is relatable for you. Join groups of people who share the similar feelings as yours, the struggles as yours. It will make you less lonely because now you will know that other people also are having the same or similar problem as of mine and i can share my thoughts and feelings to them. Most importantly i will be now i will be listened.

18. Romance Is Not A Cure

Romance is not a way to cure your loneliness. It is true that you can make your bond with your family and friends more deep but loneliness will not let you find a partner who is perfect for you. It’s not romance, it’s totally your need. You think that this need of yours will fill up the gaps, but it’s not the case.

19.  Start Making A List Of Your Social Needs

Someone wrote that loneliness is a total discovery. In your loneliness, you should make time to discover about your social needs and personal needs as well. E.g. you should write that what all qualities you are looking for in a future friend or what this time has taught about your own self and about the people you know? Etc.

20. Respond Yourself Emotionally

Researchers suggest that you should start responding to yourself in a more emotional manner. If you will expect that people should treat you more emotionally then it will just give you disappointments only and nothing else than that. The best thing is to understand you. When you expect that other people should come and support you emotionally, and then it will be not good for you emotionally, it will give you emotional setbacks and emotional deteriorations.