COVID 19 pandemic produced and revealed remarkable evidence in our lives and transforming everyone, however, pretty much at the discrete level. Everyone responds otherwise and begetting fastidious philosophies concerning novel coronavirus. Since the pandemic sprang, omnipresent negative vibes and concerns emerging. Yes, I acknowledge and recognize that pandemic touched countless people at various levels but at the same time, it dispenses us something concrete and the positive facet of this novel coronavirus. I discovered and identified 20 positive and monolithic appearances of this pandemic. There you come

1. Survival of the fittest: This pandemic informed distinct approaches of living for the survival of the fittest maneuvering. New vocabulary is being used for lifestyles, for instance, lockdown and two-meter social distance. The most significant perspective is that globally people learn how to survive in the lockdown or practice survival of the fittest philosophy

2. Breathing with the family: This pandemic enabled us to breathe with family particularly throughout the lockdown, while you require to stay at home. That was a magnificent opportunity to understand each other and conceive a passionate, kind and caring servitude. Throughout the lockdown, families spent moments with loved ones and tried to secure every piece of life remarkably. They accepted, cooperated, and supported each other

3. Pandemic prevent the spread of contagious viruses: This pandemic proposes a mask, two-meter social distance and frequent hand washing for managing the spread of novel coronavirus. At the same time, these rituals prevent the spread of other contagious viruses, for instance, flu. This pandemic further prevent the spread of bed bugs in the community 

4. Technology friendly: This pandemic is technology-friendly, for instance, zoom, slack, telegraph, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, messenger, and other elevations are momentarily a bit of everyday routine. It is promptly acceptable and adequate to unite and connect via technology

5. Significance of human presence: Throughout the lockdown, and keeping a two-meter social distance with the human being, teaches us the significance of humans and their synergy in our life. Despite, all gatherings, functions, dinners, receptions, get-togethers, celebrations, exhibitions, ceremonies, shows, contests, festivals, carnivals, games are banned for controlling the spread of novel coronavirus. Although various ventures are promptly virtual without human touch or interaction. People are impatiently waiting for the before pandemic life that was with the human synergy

6. Nature versus nurture: Humans had been endeavouring to control everything on this planet since life sprang on earth. Somehow humans are flourishing when it appears to the industrialization revolution, for instance, computer, mobile, robots, internet and 5G network. Here COVID 19 pandemic reveals to us that something is beyond human control, however, people are struggling to manage this virus, although the vaccine is available still uncertainty exists. Here comes the nature vs nurture philosophy

7. Second thought or new perspective: COVID 19 pandemic strikes thoughtfulness, new approaches and attitudes in life. The behaviour, style, manner and related perspectives now being practiced differently. More specifically thinking patterns manifested differently

8. Learning opportunities: This pandemic brought us a variety of learning opportunities around the world. You will be a part of any webinar, conference, convention, training, seminar or discussion via zoom or any other virtual platform. No need to travel or get ready

9. Nothing is permanent, be mindful: In this world, it is apparent that this pandemic has given us a vision that “Be mindful” regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status that nothing is permanent or stable. Life is in constant revolution and evolving. Paradigm and standard are a shift from future to present mode

10. life objectives and aims: This pandemic affecting everyone around the world. During the first wave, people were at home due to the lockdown. As a result of that, people re-prioritized their life and setting up new goals. The most obvious is the family and the lifestyle changes. Globally, sudden deaths arose due to COVID 19, which automatically led to re-prioritize plans and purposes in life

11. Focus on a healthy lifestyle or practices: People have been focusing on a healthy lifestyle since the pandemic sprung. More specifically, now being practiced are eating habits and the lifestyle that will support to heighten or boost immunity power. Coronavirus is linked with the immunity strength

12. Lockdown beneficial for skin: Air pollution and prolonged exposure to the sun, seriously, aggravated skin problems, for instance, pimples, blackheads, acne, allergies,  blemishes, uneven skin tone, freckles, patches, dark spot, complexion issues. Lockdown sincerely beneficial for the skin, given the fact, it prevents problems linked with air pollution and long exposure to the sun

13. Tried and attempted distinct experiences: Pandemic proposes distinct modalities and based on that people tried and attempted new experiences for coping with the day-to-day requirements. For instance, baking, cooking, painting, sketching, hair cutting and learning a new language were the most foreseen dexterities

14. Professional development opportunities: This pandemic produced professional development opportunities for people around the world. At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, some of the universities and academies proposed free courses in a variety of fields, for instance, Open to study, UDACITY, Iversity, Canvas network, Future learn, NovoED, edx, and Coursera offer free courses. SickKids CCMH Learning Institute and EHN Canada proposes free webinars at this time of COVID – 19

15. Noise Pollution: While staying at home, throughout the lockdown or restricted social pursuits, truly, keep us away from the noise pollution. Noise pollution provokes infection and diseases. Look at the data around the world, noise pollution is a serious threat to wellness, unquestionably, mental health and the well being

16. Learning new strategies: Souls have been focusing on learning new strategies for adapting to better cope with this pandemic. Around the world, people discovered and learned to manage technology for their survival at this time of the COVID 19. People learned and manage things that have never been done before. Adaptability and adjustability enhanced after this pandemic (new normal)

17. Grounded: This pandemic composed each of us grounded or floored at some point in our life. People are presently conscious or alert regarding every single step or decision making. Momentarily, folks have been focusing on here and now and be present with the present moment

18. Money-saving: Since the lockdown, and social distancing measures, all bars, pubs, recreational enterprises are stopped even dine-in not permitted, therefore people saved money. While everything is on a virtual platform, so the fees are reduced for the course, conferences, webinars, seminars and even for the training session

19. Time-saving: This pandemic proposed time-saving opportunities or in other words compatible with online platforms as the majority of the businesses are now virtual. For instance, studies, training, buying and merchandising, one click away

20. The world is truly a global village: Pandemic COVID 19 surprisingly created and composed the planet a global village. People are linked and united for a single cause around the world. Whenever WHO live stream is attended, I noticed people connected around the world for COVID 19 discussion