In case you didn’t know what business coaching is, it’s using questioning to help people discover their truth for themselves – or at least that’s one part of the definition. Business coaches are typically very curious people then.

We love to ask you difficult questions – sorry not sorry!

We do it from a place of helping and allowing you to find how you want to progress in life and how you can achieve the most from your business, in terms of your own performance, the contentment of your team and your long term happiness.

So, here’s 20 questions entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and director should ask themselves, and be totally honest about:

Questions for or about your team

  1. If you were to ask your staff about the strengths and weakness of your business, and list them yourself, would they align? If not, why not?
  2. If you were to ask your staff about your own strengths and weakness as a leader / manager, what would be their top three? How do these affect your business?
  3. Do your team work how they want to work, or how you want them to work? Is this a good thing for your business? Is there a middle ground?
  4. Have you asked your team if there are new ways in which they could deliver more to the business and generate additional success for themselves and the company?
  5. Do your team feel listened to? (Listening is more than just hearing, it’s taking action on what you’re hearing)

Questions about your business

  1. If you were unable to work from tomorrow, would your business survive, or fall into chaos? What could you do to mitigate this risk?
  2. What are the strongest and clearest areas of your business, from the perspective of how it runs and the processes and structures you have in place? Which are the weakest? How do these affect your business and its efficiency?
  3. What eats up the largest amount of unnecessary time in your business?
  4. What writing is on the wall for the future of your business that you are ignoring dealing with, possibly through fear or over-confidence?
  5. Out of 10, how confident and hopeful do you feel about the future of your business?
  6. Out of 10, how clear do you feel about the future direction of your business? What exactly will your day, week and month be like in 18 months? How about in 3 years?
  7. What difficulties does your business face regularly, month to month? What is the impact of these difficulties?
  8. If you could wave a wand and fix two things in your business, what would you choose, and why?

Questions about you and your business

  1. What areas of your business take too much of your time? What would be the impact if they were being actioned in a different way?
  2. Does your business meet your personal values? If not, which ones are the worst affected? How does this affect you personally?
  3. Do you work to your own schedule, or does your business dictate your working hours? How happy are you with this situation?
  4. What do you enjoy most about your role in the business? What do you enjoy least? What is the impact on you for these?
  5. Are you the best person for your role in your business, or would someone else perform it better than you could? If you are not, what is the impact to the future of your business – and you personally – of this?
  6. If you carry on how as you are now, how will your life and business be in 5 years? And how about in 10 years?
  7. Out of 10, if you were working in your business for the rest of life, how happy and content would you be?

The aim of these questions

We have busy lives. That’s not an excuse – it’s the truth! You have a lot to get through. However, most business owners are not running their businesses or lives effectively. Taking a step back and really evaluating what’s happening around you can lead to a whole new direction – whether that’s how you work, what you work on, or what you force yourself to do.

You can have an incredibly happy life, and be extremely contened in your business, with less stress and more clarity. By being honest to yourself, you can find an improved path.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash