5 Best Marketing Books of 2019

Marketing is a fast-growing and dynamic sector. It’s imperative to stay at the top of your game with the latest trends, regardless of your expertise. While industry news and blogs are helpful, reading the top marketing books remains a surefire way to get in-depth information. They (the books) provide insightful lessons from the successes and failures of others to help you get a lead magnet and gain an edge over the competition. Although many other classic books that could make a best-list, these must-have marketing reading list of 2019 will help you master the subtle art of marketing. Check it out!

Million Dollar Marketing

Million Dollar Marketing” is hands-down one of the best marketing books you’ll read in 2019. It’s inspired by a story of how the author, Erica D’Arcangelo-De Silva, made more than a million dollars a year with just simple marketing. In this short and concise booklet, the seasoned marketer introduces marketing less as a competition with others and more as an effort to outdo yourself. She goes on to explain the how-tos and tips of online marketing as well as the importance of reporting and proper budgeting. The best bit is that this book will help you assess your marketing needs with a set of simple questions. Reading this eBook will give you ideas and inspiration you need to transform your digital marketing strategy from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Social Media Data Cookbook

Modern marketing strategies require looking beyond internal numbers and embracing the wild digital data sphere. Even for marketing mavens, unfortunately, moving from collecting data, analyzing it to putting it to work is no mean feat.  “The Social Media Data Cookbook” takes you through that overwhelming journey. It lays out a foundational strategy to leverage the power of social media data. The brightest side of this book is that it covers 11 efficient ways to use social media data to make your marketing smarter and campaigns more profitable.

Data-Driven Content Marketing

If you’re not yet in the know, digital data lies at the core of marketing.  Its importance in fueling your content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. In this book, Hana Abaza – head of marketing at Shopify Plus, teaches how to create and optimize an effective content strategy using data. She covers virtually everything about driving the content creation process, measuring content distribution effectiveness, and gathering performance data necessary to inform all marketing decisions. Like “Social Media Data Cookbook,” this booklet is available as a free eBook.

4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment

Wondering how to get started with content creation?  Worry no more! Reading “4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment” is a fabulous place to start. The eBook offers an in-depth guide to help you have effective content marketing initiatives in place. Better still, it illustrates hands-on methods to create top-quality content, how to publish goal-oriented content, and provides a content technology map for navigating the modern tech maze. So, before you dive headfirst into the messy world of content marketing, take some time to read this real-world eBook.

A New Era of Content

Our last but not least pick for best marketing books of 2019 is “A New Era of Content.” The eBook doesn’t make it to this list for no apparent reason.  It offers a definitive framework to ensure your content is engaging, that is, tips and approaches to create content that measurably performs in terms of traffic and conversions. Be sure to get this book if you want to learn how content and data drive the bus when it comes to marketing growth. Keep it here at Web Content Development as we bring you more digital marketing stuff. Meanwhile, reach out to us for all your content marketing needs, tips, and more.

The Catch 22

Having worked in the marketing and PR industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve run into the same two issues with every single client. Either they are paying too much for marketing services, and not getting a return, or paying too little to see any progress, but not willing to spend more. The question has always been; who decides the value of a marketing campaign? How do you measure its success? Why do you sometimes find a $10,000.00 dollars difference in price on a marketing project, depending on what company is doing it for you

I started in the marketing business because I like to see people business succeed. This is the purpose of what I do. But that will only happen if clients know what it really will take to succeed with their marketing. And, how much they should spend in relation to their business’s revenue. I am sure a lot of marketing companies may disagree, but the marketing industry should have a measurable standard as to what a client is paying vs what he is getting. ROI should be clearly laid out, to ensure that marketing companies are delivering results for what they are charging. If you can start with a marketing strategy that works, then you can fully understand where your dollars are going and what your return will be.