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When I released a January blog entitled 2020: New Year and Time for Hindsight, I had no idea just how predictive that headline would become!

The version of hindsight arrived in ways that I, and likely others, could never have imagined. At some level, hindsight slapped us all in the face.

While there have been many unexpected moments of joy and intimacy this year, we’ve also discovered ourselves “revisiting” many of the darker caverns of life that we would probably prefer to avoid. Individually and collectively, we’ve been forced to face the hiding places where our fears and vulnerabilities reside.

In penning this blog, I was reminded of R.E.M.’s 1987 Indie hit It’s the End of the World as We Know It which provides an apt sense of the energies of 2020. The tune opens with reference to an earthquake, perhaps inviting thoughts of apocalypse or scorched earth. It’s also replete with an earlier version of today’s agitating, confusing and cacophonous news.

Yet despite the chaotic sense of all that circulates in this song, the lyrics of change provide both worthy advice (spend some time alone) and hope (it’s the end of the world as we know it . . . and I feel fine). 

Despite all we’ve been experiencing, I relate to the lyrics of this decades-old song today. I have always sought to tune out the world’s messaging and to spend some time alone. It’s in my own quiet place where I can always return to peace. A lifetime of facing challenges have made peace my faithful home. It’s also the place from which I gain life and inspiration for living happy from the inside out, something we can all learn to discover and do.

The ABC’s of NOW – Third Installment

Recently, I was inspired to release a special 26-part podcast series entitled The ABC’s of NOW. As a helpful counter-point to the discordant outer world, this series is designed to remind us all of the inner peace that we each know as our “Home.”

The series is designed to help un-do many acquired thoughts, beliefs and even emotional ties that might keep us from emerging as our best versions of self as we prepare for a better world ahead.

That new world ahead is quite glorious, but escaping our current faulty matrix is a process.

With 12 episodes released at present, the ABC’s of NOW helps bring you backwards through the alphabet. As if un-doing and un-raveling the building blocks of our early ABC’s, each letter and episode invites listeners to revisit and reassess some of our acquired learning as to who we believe we are and what we surmise our world to be. Each segment introduces a letter and an assigned word with some thoughts and ideas you can think about and ruminate upon. 

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to check out my two earlier earlier installments – whether before or after reading this current blog. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Are you looking forward to navigating through change with a bright and hopeful perspective?

I invite you to check out the following episodes. May each one of them remind you of your own inner light and may they empower you to step forth with confidence to greet a Brand New Day that awaits!

Click here for Episode 9: The Letter R us for Reckon

Click here for Episode 10: The Letter Q is for Question

Click here for Episode 11: The Letter P is for Positivity

Click here for Episode 12: The Letter O is for OMG!

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