2021 school season is about to begin. And along with the resumption of classes, experts call on parents to pay more attention to what their family eats. It’s not uncommon knowledge that nutrition plays a big role in a child’s development. But more than that, it has a very heavy influence on one’s overall health and the body’s ability to fight viruses.

This is the reason why it’s important to always go for food and beverages that actually provide your body with the nourishment it needs to function optimally. Luckily there are options out there that do just this, and taste amazing too, including Kaylee’s Culture, the bubbly probiotic water beloved by both kids and adults.

Founded by military wife, Kaylee McLaughlin, Kaylee’s Culture was born out of one mother’s desire to provide her three kids with a truly fun and enjoyable drink that’s actually good for them. One that’s free from added sugar and preservatives. Each can gives your family a healthy dose of probiotics to keep their gut health in tiptop condition. 

“As a mom, I want to give my kids only the best,” shares McLaughlin. “And honestly, I couldn’t find the best. Everywhere I go, all the drinks I see being marketed to kids just don’t cut it. They’re always full of added sugars, among other things. So I decided to create my own. I made my own baby formula and baby food and anything you can think of, I made from scratch. So when I was developing a drink for my kids, my focus was probiotics. I decided to just add probiotics to water. And I sweetened it with monk fruit and fruit essence. These are what make it appealing to children. This product is both simple and functional.”

“And they’re not just for kids! They are great for mixing cocktails too! So yes, the whole family can enjoy it,” she adds. “If you’re looking for a healthy drink that is guaranteed to support your family’s health especially this school season, I urge you to consider Kaylee’s Culture. I made this for my family and our personal consumption, so I can assure you that it’s good for you.”

For those who are not aware of it, your gut health plays a major role in your body’s daily function, and heavily influences not just your ability to absorb nutrients from food , but your immunity, and mental health as well.

To know more about Kaylee’s Culture, you may visit their website www.kayleesculture.com or follow @kayleesculture on Instagram.