Here we go again—another painful example of the decline in journalistic substance, seriousness, and sense of proportion. But I get it. Consumer-obsessed, sensationalist, ‘media owners’ (shareholders and stakeholders—gatekeepers) and their ‘foot soldiers’ (shallow, divisive, unreliable) scribes (obsessed with outplaying each other for ‘the story’) to keep (or grow out) their ‘paycheck’ (whatever the hell that means). An optics and landscape of ‘meism,’ enabling shallow (psychologically and emotionally) herds in the journey (values) through the digital-media world.

I am disgusted by this behavior, terrible lack of empathy, and shocking lack of authentic insight from these media herds. Including their cavalier persona (often predatory game) in the name of ‘capitalism’ and the ‘almighty dollar (whatever sells, right?).

These optics and landscapes are enough. They’ve gone too far this time. Mental health (you nimrods) is its rationale. Naomi Osaka’s statement (and her courage—personal accountability, responsibility) is more than a ‘reminder’ that elite sports’ media requirements “must take it into account.” You got played—game, set, match.

Is this because “these media herds” cannot even remember when they first sold out? Why the hell does it take one of the best athletes in the world by age 23 to expose (an ace, overhead smash) these zebra? You know, the ones when you spray water on their stripes, they come off in the wash, don’t they?

And ‘you’ Piers Morgan, seriously—Calling her “Narcissistic Naomi”

Suppose you were not so transparent with your ‘passive-aggressive’ discrepant stimuli (noise). Including underneath your grandiose exterior lurking your deepest fears? YOU are flawed, illegitimate, and ‘ordinary.’ I would bother to give you ‘some time.’ 

Your nothing more than annoying entertainment (noise) that I laugh at because, like gum, you stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Including telling everyone how smart you are as you walk (once again) toward the sliding glass door to the backyard. Failing to observe it’s closed while everyone else does. Only to crash through it and fall flat on your face in (hopefully) sod this time, instead of dirt.

Morgan, it’s so tiresome to see you front like you know ‘anything’ about mental health. And add insult to injury accusing Naomi Osaka of a “cynical exploitation of mental health to silence the media.” They’re doing a good job all on their own. Like you, crashing through the closed sliding glass door to the backyard (wanting their press cake and eating it too).

I love what The Guardian’s Jonathon Liew argued regarding the “modern sporting press conference.” It is no longer; he said, “a meaningful exchange.”

Instead, it has become a “cynical and often predatory game in which the object is to mine as much content from the subject as possible.”

Moreover. Young athletes, Liew claims, are “expected to answer the most intimate questions in the least intimate setting, in front of an array of strangers and backed by a piece of sponsored cardboard.”

Grow the F’n up, you all. Remember, like Haymitch Abernathy (referring to the Capital) says, who the real enemy is, will you?

Are you all as tired as I am with these “Capital residents”? Extremely shallow. Who are always looking for ways to be noticed. Who is fronting an outrageous sense of style and fashion because it is vital to the Capitol citizens? Tattooing and dying their bodies in elegant colors. Including undergoing plastic surgery to alter their appearances.

Naomi Osaka put her money where her values are—investing in women’s sports and youth education.

Like I said earlier—You media herds. Elite sports media requirements.

You got played—game, set, match, baby!


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