Stress is part of all our lives, so it’s important that we find healthy methods for coping with our anxieties. Oftentimes, the best way to deal with stress is to find certain things, people, and places that enrich us in one way or another.

The Best Hobbies to Beat Stress

In our downtime, we like to relax, recuperate, and reset our minds and bodies. This is an essential part of balancing out the stress we experience. If you’re looking for things you can do to beat stress, consider the following hobbies:

1. Start a Collection

When most people think of starting collections, they envision someone collecting expensive antiques that are worth hundreds of dollars. While this is the case for some people, you can start a simple collection with something relatively inexpensive. From old cameras to antique plates, collecting can be an exciting way to learn more about yourself and the items you are taking home with you.

2. Explore More Music

While we all find comfort in our favorite bands and singers, there’s a lot of different music in the world that’s waiting to be listened to. Exploring more music can take on many forms. Whether you stream a new station through Pandora or you visit local bars to hear the newest bands, you’ll find that taking time to listen to new sounds is a great stress reliever.

3. Start Puzzling

Completing a puzzle is an excellent way to unwind. Even if you haven’t put together a puzzle in years, you’ll find that working through the challenge a puzzle presents can be incredibly relaxing. Play by yourself or grab a friend—either way, it’s a lot of fun.

4. Grab a Coloring Book

Coloring books are hardly just for kids. After the adult coloring trend took off a few years ago, coloring is now seen as a therapeutic exercise. The act of coloring itself is a powerful tool for de-stressing.

5. Take up Journaling

Journaling is an age-old practice that encourages self reflection. Proven to help alleviate anxiety, journaling is a guaranteed way to help you de-stress your life. Whether you write your thoughts down on your phone or you sit down with a pen and paper, making a habit out of this hobby will definitely help you to clear your mind.

6. Take Care of Plants

Becoming a plant parent is a great way to take on the responsibility of caring for something without having to add additional stress to your life. Find some low-maintenance plants that you can nurture and watch grow. As you see the progress your plants make, you’ll feel a sense of pride knowing that your hard work made it all happen.

7. Get a Pet

While owning a pet isn’t exactly a hobby, pets have been proven to significantly reduce stress. While not everyone will be able to manage having a pet, if you are in the right place in life where you can support one, do it. Whether you get a turtle, dog, or fish, this new addition to your home will bring a certain sense of happiness into your life.

8. Read More Books

Though you may consider scrolling through your iPhone reading, it’s better to get a real book and read it. Reading for leisure has many benefits when it comes to reducing stress. Start this new hobby by grabbing that one book you’ve been dying to read and curl up in your comfiest chair.

9. Try Knitting

Knitting is one of the more practical and stress-relieving hobbies to pick up. Once you learn how to knit, you can start wearing or gifting your creations.

10. Paint by Numbers

Painting is a wonderful stress reliever, whether you’ve been artistically trained or not. Just like the coloring books, painting is a great way to get creative and take your mind off your troubles. Especially with paint by numbers, you don’t have to worry about everything coming out properly, as the numbers will do the work for you.

11. Bake Desserts

Cookies, brownies, and cakes are always a welcome option for any desert table and are a tasty desserts to make if you happen to pick up baking as a hobby. In addition to having easy access to these delicious treats, you’ll find cooking itself to be therapeutic. The more time that you spend cooking in the kitchen, the calmer you’ll feel.

12. Play an Instrument

Picking up an instrument can seem particularly complicated, but with the help of the Internet, you can start mastering your new hobby. Whether you begin on the recorder or try your hand at the piano, if you dedicate yourself to practicing, you’ll start to improve day by day.

13. Play Cards

Even if you haven’t played with a deck of cards since you were a child, cards can be fun. Whether you’re making a hobby out of playing solitaire on your own or playing poker with your friends, there’s always a card game to fit any occasion.

14. Watch a Documentary

Educational and entertaining, documentaries are an enjoyable way to relieve your mind of any additional stress. With all the many documentaries available on Netflix, you’ll have plenty of selections to choose from.

15. Rebuild a Classic Car

If you’re a fan of classic cars, learning how to restore a car to its former glory is a hobby that many people enjoy. A classic car that many people rebuild are classic Corvettes. You can search for aftermarket Corvette parts and find what you need for your classic car. Though it will take a lot of time to rebuild the car yourself, it is a practice of patience and will allow you to spend your free time doing what you love.

16. Learn Languages

Whether you’re a polyglot or only know your native language, there’s always one new language that you can learn. Start with the basic vocabulary and take your time getting to understand the history and culture behind every language you learn. While it may be a few months or years before you become fluent in a language, taking things step by step is what a hobby is all about.

17. Go Camping

Getting to know the great outdoors is a natural way to relieve anxiety. Being able to take in the fresh air and spend a few nights unplugged from society is a hobby that will allow you to recover from stressful situations. Whether you camp in a tent, a cabin, or a car, spending some time outside will do your mind good.

18. Volunteer in the Community

Giving back is an excellent way to make the world a better place and set your stress aside to help other people. Getting the opportunity to donate your time and resources to benefit the greater good is something everyone should make a habit of. Search for local nonprofits and sign up to volunteer at the ones that you connect with the most.

19. Start Running

Any form of exercise is essentially therapeutic. Running forces you to take in some fresh air and break a sweat, which allows you to forget about your stresses while you focus your energy on getting to your destination. If you’d rather not run, consider a similar cardiovascular exercise that will get your blood flowing on a regular basis.

20. Explore the Art World

Making a habit out of gallery hopping will open you up to new perspectives and cultures. Even if you don’t “understand” art, you’ll find that there are many available resources at museums and galleries to help you learn more about art. As you begin to understand the art world more, you’ll find that visiting these spaces in your free time is both relaxing and fulfilling.

21. Practice Origami

The ancient art of paper folding requires dedication and patience. The art of origami is a mindful practice that allows your anxieties to melt away while you focus on the task at hand. Whether you take an origami class or you watch and learn from YouTube videos, you’ll find that practicing this hobby helps to alleviate stress while improving your folding skills.

22. Start Swimming

Swimming is one for the most refreshing activities in the world. The experience of plunging into a pool, lake, or ocean feels incredible and is an excellent stress reliever. Sign up for a swimming class if you aren’t confident in your swimming skills. Once you’re strong enough to swim on your own, enroll in a gym so you can have regular access to a pool.

23. Become a Foodie

Becoming a foodie is a great way to treat your taste buds and dedicate your free time to exploring your community. Whether you start a food blog or you like to take pictures for your Instagram, this hobby is all about finding great food and learning more about the stories begin them. For many people, eating food that looks amazing and tastes even better is very effective in eliminating stress.

Hobbies help us find new and interesting ways to put our free time to good use. Try one (or a few) of these hobbies for yourself to see just how much of an impact they have on reducing stress.