Upon returning to New York City after a five year break, I’ve done a lot of thinking and experienced more from an Eastern mindset.  Let us try a new way of thinking in 2023, a perspective that puts a pause on how we can make simple changes, and simplify our very complex lives. Because if you can’t change your circumstances or situation, you can certainly change your mindset. Let’s continue to learn more, grow more and contribute good things to society. 

Here are 23 things to consider in 2023: 

  1. Consider spending more time with those who make you laugh 
  2. Look to wiser elders for advice; experience comes only with time 
  3. Consider the character of a person versus their power or looks
  4. Consider un-attaching from your phone and screens more often this year 
  5. In divisive times, try to remain purple in a sea of blue and red
  6. Remind yourself:  “some people are so poor, all they have is money.”
  7. Mindfulness is being self-aware and being kind and considerate of others; regardless of their beliefs, values or how they look 
  8. Consider that loud and unnecessary apps//tech usage are out, and reading books in nature and silence is in. 
  9. Be patient- it’s happening; but you’ll have to wait for it 
  10. Honor your family and loved ones; you never know when their last breath or yours will be
  11. Respect your time and energy – spend less time on social apps and more time with those you love
  12. Everything is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. 
  13. Take care of yourself: sleep well, eat lots of fruits and veggies & lay off on the social media trash diet – wellness is also about what your eyes and ears are consuming, too 
  14. Cherish culture, the arts, books and simple conversations – these are the things we must keep intact – while technology begins to unravel the stability in our world.
  15. We all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and beliefs; learn to respect all equally
  16. Consider looking up the word equanimity 
  17. Don’t forget to breathe deeply – and breathe out – especially before responding to someone 
  18. Consider a person’s resume and years of expertise//study before taking advice from them 
  1. Volunteers are life’s greatest gifts; so are cats and dogs. Cherish them. 
  2. Stop following outdated societal norms, if they don’t work for you. Life isn’t about fitting into a box, it’s about seeing and feeling brilliant colors and experiences
  3. Admire imperfection; Wabi Sabi
  4. Forgiveness isn’t asking them to come have a seat at your table, it’s the power to give yourself more space and clarity.
  5. If you need a sign to take the leap – this is it.

Life is simple. So ask yourself, what can you do to let go in 2023?


  • Wellness Journalist Candice Kumai is the author of six best-selling books, including Kintsugi Wellness and Clean Green Eats, she is the former food editor at Shape and Men’s Journal. She is a classically trained chef and recurring judge on Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay; and a chef on Selena + Chef. Candice has a cult-followed weekly podcast Wabi Sabi and has bylines in Vogue, Bon Appetit, Chopra, Cosmopolitan, Well + Good and Yoga Journal, her 7th book (on Audible Originals) is based on spiritual wellness, and drops April 2023. Candice resides in New York. Follow her @CandiceKumai on instagram