I am not a scientist or medical doctor, simply a medical intuitive and someone who has tracked illnesses in people and the environment for many years now. One of the most fascinating conscious organisms which I have observed have been viruses. Everywhere I turn these days, many are struggling with one virus or another. I actually think more than one. Studies have shown with the permafrost melting that old viruses which were frozen throughout time are awakening. I am observing the same pattern within our cells and tissues. Clients coming to me with viral symptoms they just can’t shake for weeks. And when I look at their cells and tissues, I see remnants of old childhood viruses, remnants of viruses that their parents and even grandparents had.

The viruses are still living and breathing and at this point in time, have made a relationship with its host. Their relationships are different from bacteria from my perspective as a medical and ancestral intuitive. Quite frankly, they are brilliant. I was reading recently that 40% to 80% of human genome was created as a result of viral invasion. I remember five years ago visiting a naturopath as I had a centuries old virus in me that was active again. There is a family history of the Spanish flu in my mother’s lineage among others. The naturopath used a frequency machine to confirm my observations and I told him where he could find them in my tissues. He was impressed when I remarked about the higher consciousness they held and he said he had shared the same thoughts since working with them homeopathically for years. Viruses respond well to emotions, thoughts and frequencies, whether positively or negatively. They are also good at hiding in tissues and availing themselves at the most appropriate times. When a new virus enters the nervous system, many times I see it attaching to the remnants of the old ones, integrating new viral information on how to relate to the host. This is why when I work with viral infections, I always suggest vibrational remedies, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. And because of the intelligence of these viruses, the remedies need to change often as the virus will do whatever it can to survive. As one colleague said to me recently, they really never leave the body. I honestly don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that the relationship with them can change within our bodies, thus shifting their frequencies to be in a more constructive co-relationship than destructive one. With viruses being on the rise, I feel like it is compelling us to take a look at our relationship to nature a little more closely. There are reasons some viruses thrive in certain conditions and do not in others. The more damage that is done to the natural world, we lose the chance of understanding the relationship we have to these living organisms which have wiped out populations for centuries.