The ancient womb is awakening.
Since the onset of this new year, I have noticed many feeling unsure as to which direction to head in; feeling like intentions set forth for this year of 2019 are being set aside.
Impatience is rising as is frustration. The universal womb is contracting, ready to give birth to all of us, to this new paradigm which was seen and known by the ancient ones. This new womb is awakening with fervor and passion, strength and a determination to gather collectively to heal in ways we have not understood before. The ancients understood. It is we who have been sleeping, cradling ourselves in this materialistic and linear construct mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Many have focused on doing the inner work of the soul yet somewhere in the midst, the notion of simplicity of the Divine, of Holy Providence, of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe have been lost to oblivion. We are all wanting to vibrate to a higher frequency that the simplicity of love and our relationship to it becomes so ensconced we may fail to recognize the Divine in everything within and around us. Our unyielding search for this profound Holiness takes us away from being present. The path is right here, right now. The Divine is right here, right now. You are right here, right now. Whether we are conscious or not, the Divine still works through us in both seen and unseen ways. Engaging the ‘search’ for the path out of desire to achieve enlightenment carries many attachments. The ripples are being felt as our attachments are being challenged as what we thought we envisioned for this new year may not manifest in the ways we had intended. Your womb is held by the universal womb. The ripples being felt are at such an intensity that many are left questioning if they are headed in the right direction. The anxieties being felt are because we are all ready to be birthed anew. If we hold onto the old understandings of our purpose in this world, we will struggle. If we allow for ourselves to move into Presence, our purpose will be revealed. And if the purpose is familiar to you, the way you carry it into the world will be different. This ancient womb carries many mysteries. Some will be revealed individually as we embark on our journeys, some will be revealed collectively, and some mysteries will remain forever in the house of the gods serving a purpose we humans might never comprehend.