Depression and anxiety occur due to different difficult situations. It leads a person to sadness, loneliness and makes them scared. Either they can feel low at those situations. According to a survey, more than 322 million people are suffering from depression or anxiety. Women count are more than men. In women when it seems as sadness and loneliness whereas in men it seems like tiredness, anger, and frustration. here we have mentioned a few ways so that anyone can get rid of this depression or anxiety.

Few tips to get rid of depression and anxiety

Give some time to gardening

Whenever anyone needs some relaxing time in your life then plants some trees. When you will see them growing you will feel like a proud parent to those small plants. It will not only give you relaxation but also give you the best feeling in the world.

Make paintings and divert your mind

Draw anything apart from reality and paint it with your own colors that you want them in your life. When you will start drawing or painting something you will come to know that it is one of the best ways to divert your mind and stay calm.

Change some old decor into the new one

Sometimes when you are going through a bad phase of your life then you should have to change not everything but something in your life… Just like change some old decor into the new one to get the fresher look. It will help you to recover soon.

Meet different people and get out of the house

Go for a long walk or mountain climbing.  If you are climbing on the mountain then walking in the mountains can give you relaxing feelings. You will give a feeling of the top of the world.

Capture anything that you find outside

Just click the photos of anything that you see outside and store them as your good memories. It will definitely help to fresh your mind and will work better than staying at home.

Make designs on the rocks or wood

Some people are quite much interested in art. So they should follow their passion and give their art to a perfect look which will maintain their stress level and give the best recovery from depression.

Create a new character daily

some people used to struggle with the depression for their whole life. I have destroyed all my relations because of depression. I just got lock into the room apart from this whole world I made my own. And a few times back I came across a few people who used to create characters so that they can play roles of different people. Crafting is the best healing therapy in my life.

Design scented candles

Once I have no job and I was completely alone at that time so in that enough time, I used to make different types of candles so that with the wax and scented oil. When you will see burning candles you will forget all your stress and get out of the depression/

Make new friends

Sometimes it is very important for you to make new friends just like pets so that you can share all your feelings and they will silently listening to you without asking a question or judging you. If you will pamper them they will never leave you alone so this feeling of loneliness will have vanished.

Think about your dream house

Everyone has their own dream house they used to keep imaging that my house will be like that. So when you have nothing to do you can design your house in your mind. Not only house the whole interior which will definitely make you happy and cheer your mood up.

What about your dream outfit

As summer is arriving so you can design your clothes and get the idea to wear them. How to carry them nicely and this will increase your creativity. While doing all these things you will get a lot of ideas so that your mind will not be free to think anything except for your work.

Make jewelry design by yourself

This is just like you have to keep yourself busy doing the things that you like. just like every woman in this world likes jewelry so that you can make it in your home also with the threads and some petals and anything that can decorate it.

Cake Baking or cooking

In my opinion, cooking is the best thing to get rid of depression. While baking the cake or designing it anyone can forget the whole world except the recipe of the cake. Cooking can add a smile on your face.


Teaching is the best ways to avoid all your problems and get a new life. And especially you will get to know new things every day.


People who are interested in the drawing can make their paintings and even sell them. After doing that they can get money also apart from the happiness that they from the painting.

Knitting sweaters and blankets

For some women, this is the best thing to do as they love to make designs on sweaters and blankets. This is not only for appreciation but also for the happiness that they get from making these things for these beloved ones.

Now its times to sell all the handmade things

If I will say then selling is also an art. And nowadays people are crazy about handmade things so while selling them you will get to know that you can create this world much better.


Now if you are all alone then doing some painting is the best thing which can give you peace. These paintings will add decor to your house also.


If you want to get out of the depression then you have to deal with it calmly. Don’t lose your patience and try innovating things. Enjoy music, dance and everything that you love in your life. So that you can get rid of the problem and live a normal life.

Author Bio:-

I am Ava Watson, a zoology student but I used to work as health blogger in The Digital Education. During my research i used to learn different things except animal physiology. But nowadays i am learning digital marketing as it is trending now and it has a lot of benefits.