Woman on phone working from home

Do you dream of working at home? Do you have little ones who you don’t want to put in day or you can’t afford daycare? Are you just looking for something new? Today, work at home opportunities abound. More and more companies are hiring remote workers and making their current workers, remote. Then there are the jobs that have always been work at home.

Here are some job opportunities that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Copywriting – This job is at the top of the list because it is so flexible and you can become an expert in the field in a short amount of time. You will need to keep learning all the time as this job is constantly changing as the internet changes. You can find hundreds of courses online that will teach you to do copywriting. The pay is really good and there is a need for many copywriters as more and more businesses go online.
  2. Ghostwriting– Many people do not have great writing skills and they need help with their writing. There are millions of businesses online that need articles and other types of media written for them. You can even write e-books and paper books as a ghostwriter. The pay can be very good and there is a need for this service.
  3. Freelance Journalist– Do you love the news? Do you love to write and are good at it? Then you can be a freelance journalist reporting on the news. You will be your own boss and can work on a flexible schedule. You can even contact local news agencies and offer your services.
  4. Start Your Own Blog– There are millions of bloggers out there and som are making a good amount of money monetizing their blogs. There are courses online you can take to learn how to blog for money. But the competition is fierce and you need to have a good niche or speciality that will make you stand out from the rest. You can write about anything, but having a niche that isn’t saturated with writers is a must.
  5. Writing Reviews– Everyone uses services of some kind and knows that people will leave reviews if the service is good and if it is bad. There are sites that will pay you to write reviews. Make sure you research the website carefully to see if it is worth your time and energy to do.
  6. Editing and Proofreading– Are you good at English? Are you a spelling and grammar wizard? There are companies that will hire you to edit and proofread their articles and books. You must be good and fluent in English and English grammar to be able to do this well. You don’t need specific training but it would be good to take a course or two online to brush up on your skills.
  7. Web Development/Design– You do need web development skills to do this job. But if you have these skills you will easily find work at home jobs in this field since there is a demand for it. More and more people and businesses are coming online every day and do not have the skills to design their website. The pay is very good if you have top-notch skills in web development.
  8. Graphic Design- There are many things you can do with graphic design. Are you good at using the latest graphic design tools? Are you creative and intuitive? Then this may be the job for you. You can take classes online to learn these skills.
  9. Photography– You are probably thinking, “are you kidding? Everyone takes pictures” But it is true that you can make money with your camera if you are good at it and have the right equipment. You could photograph weddings, product descriptions, nature, children. The list is endless. Most community college or trade schools have photography courses you can take to sharpen your skills.
  10. Sell Your Crafts– Are you very creative? Do you like designing new creations? Did you know you can turn that hobby into a business? Places like Etsy allow you to post your crafts on their websites for sale. You can find affordable craft supplies even at the dollar store so your investment with this can be quite low. You won’t get rich doing it but you can definitely pick up some extra money from it.
  11. Marketing Consultant– Do you have a passion for helping people sell their products and services? Are you up to date with the latest marketing tools and practices? You could be a marketing consultant and help businesses with their marketing needs. You may need to take some college courses for this so you know the marketing best practices and be up to date with the tools used for marketing.
  12. Social Media Manager-Do you love Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin? Are you creative and fun? If you have skills using and posting on social media you can help other businesses with their social media accounts. There are courses online to help you learn to be the best at this. And there is a great need and the pay is pretty good.
  13. Virtual Assistant– Busy business people don’t have the time to do everything that they need to get done every day. That’s where you come in, you can help them with all the mundane and tedious tasks they do not have time for.
  14. SEO Consultant– Do you know about search engine optimization or SEO> These are practices that help people rank higher in Google search. SEO can make or break a business and there are millions of businesses out there that need help with their SEO. There is a great need for this as thousands of businesses come online every week. Most businesses do not have these skills and are in great need of this service. You can take digital marketing courses online to learn SEO best practices.
  15. Remote Sales– Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? If you are outgoing and persuasive, you can do remote sales. You could be selling anything from magazines to life insurance. Some things like insurance require a certificate. But there are plenty of sales jobs out there.
  16. Customer Service– Business owners are busy people and do not have the time to deal with customers. They hire people to take calls or emails from their customers. Many companies are moving their customer service to remote so there is a big need for this job. If you are friendly, articulate and outgoing, you can do a remote customer service job.
  17. Data Entry– This does not take a lot of skill except for typing fast. You basically put information into a computer, usually from an Excel spreadsheet. They usually pay by the word. The pay is not great but it is one way to get some extra money in your hand.
  18. Video Editor– Do you know your way around video editing software? Then you can work as a video editor. This business is booming because video is an excellent way to help businesses sell their products and services. You can find courses online that will teach you how to use this kind of software and it’s not really that hard to learn.
  19. Teach an Online Course– Is there anything that you are really good at? That you have some expertise and experience? Then you can teach an online course. You do not have to have a college degree to do this, just an in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand.
  20. Online Coach- Again, is there something you are very good at? Can you help people with certain problems? You could be an online coach and help people. You could be a life coach, health coach, fitness coach, weight loss coach, the options are endless. Just be very knowledgable of the subject you will be coaching.
  21. Tax Preparation– Everyone knows that the only things you can never get away from are death and taxes. Every person who makes any kind of money has to file their taxes every year. If you take a course and pass it, you can prepare peoples taxes at home. Come March, you could be making some good money.
  22. Online Personal Trainer-Are you healthy and fit with a rocking body? Do you know the best ways to exercise and train the body? Then you could be someones, online personal trainer. You could work one on one or teach a whole class. With people stuck at home, this is an excellent job to be doing right now.
  23. Translator- Do you speak more than one language fluently? If so, you could be a translator. There are many areas that could involve a translator so the job is pretty expansive. You must be fluent in the language and have perfect grammar.
  24. Sell Your Own Stuff- This is pretty straightforward. If you have things you no longer need, you can go online and sell them. Places like eBay and others allow you to sell practically everything that is legal. You can get rid of the stuff and have more room and then have some extra money in your pocket.
  25. Buy and Resell Other’s Stuff– You can go to garage sales and flea markets and find some pretty nice stuff. You can even luck out and find something valuable. Then you can go on eBay and sell it for a nice hefty profit.

This is just SOME of the jobs you can do from home. There are many others. So, you have many choices to choose from and there has never been a better time to work from home.