Do you know the fact that 11% of people of the total population in California smoke while the rate is 26% in Kentucky? You might be wondering to know the reason why California has less than half of the smoking rate of Kentucky. Well, California has developed a culture that encourages smoking-free life. Unlike most of the states in the US, California has made it easier to quit and much harder to smoke. Creating such a culture at home is not enough, and that’s why California is promoting such a culture in workplaces also.

As a responsible employer, if you want to see a similar result at your employee health and well-being, you should focus more on creating a healthy culture in your workplace. So, this article gives 23 well-being initiatives in your workplace that you can implement right away-

  1. Create and Distribute A List Of Healthy Dining Options Close To Your Workplace:-

Employees commute from outside their residence when they go for the office every day for work. So, it’s quite evident that most of the employees in your organization are not much familiar with the dining options available close to your office. Most of your employees pick any random restaurant without even going through the menu. As an owner, you should make a list of healthy restaurants that are close to your office and distribute them to your employees. You could also walk an extra mile by listing some of the healthy food choices available in those restaurants so that your employees won’t have to waste time guessing on what they are going to order.

2. Create A Productive Environment

People always work better in a work environment, which is specially crafted to promote productivity and minimize distracting things. Make sure the interior lighting of your workplace is good so that it can prevent fatigue and headache.

3. Maintain Proper Work Balance:

No wonder that a balanced workday makes a productive workday. Encourage your employees to do one task at a time instead of doing multitasking. Encourage your employees to get away from the desks now and then so that they can feel refreshed and put more focus on the work.

4. Provide Discount On Healthy Foods:

Employees who are not very friendly with healthy food options need to have an incentive to start eating healthy foods. One of the primary reasons most of the people stay away from healthy foods is the price because healthy foods cost higher than the unhealthy fast foods and processed foods available in the market. Therefore, providing discount coupons for purchasing healthy foods available in your workplace would give them the incentive to build a habit of eating healthy foods and live a healthy life.

5. In-Campus Yoga Session To Release The Stress:

If you own a large organization, then weekly Yoga session can be highly beneficial for fitness and mindfulness.

6. Encourage Stairwell Use By Using Posters in Strategic Location:

If your office building has two or three floors, then encourage your employees to use the stairwell. Use interesting wall posters that outline how choosing stairwell instead of the elevator can be beneficial for the heart’ health.

7. Walking Meetings:

Instead of setting up a meeting at your office’s conference room, you should take the initiative to go for a walking meeting with your employees. This exercise can provide your employee with a fresh perspective on work.

8. Give Discount Coupon For The Local Gym:

This well-being initiative could be an excellent spirit-booster for the employees who usually don’t consider a gym.

9. Encourage Creativity With Collaboration Spaces:

Let your employees design a particular section of your office together. Give them the freedom to make it teamwork and come up with a creative idea.

10. Flexible Working Time:

Everyone has a different priority outside of work, so having a proper peace of mind is utmost necessary for your employees. Make sure you are setting up a flexible work timing for your employees so that they can work with full peace of mind.

11. Offer Work From Home Facility Once in A Month:

Remote working is beneficial for your company as remote workers always cost less, and they also have the opportunity to de-stress the mind by being in the home environment.

12. Paid Development Courses:

Offer free of cost relevant courses to your employees. This will enhance the work skill of your employees, and at the same time, it will give them a sense of achievement. You can find several web solutions for the paid course.

13. Inspiration Quote Of The Day:

Keep the inspirational quotes posted on the walls of your workspace as these quotes will keep your employees motivated.

14. Engage Your Employees In Volunteering Service:

Various researches of human psychology have established the fact helping others help in lowering blood pressure and depression, so engaging your employees in social work will be the right decision.

15. Meditation

You should arrange half an hour of meditation session for your employees so that they can feel refreshed and focused at work.

16. Month-End Party:

Break the monotony of regular corporate life by throwing a month-end lunch or dinner party to your employees. It’s not necessary that you have to arrange a lavish party every month; instead, you can give your employees a nice dinner at a local restaurant.

17. Create Own Internal Magazine:

Let your employees showcase their talent and creativity on your internal employee focused magazine. You can publish it online or paper format both.

18. Best Employee Of The Month:

Reward the best performer of your organization with the Best Employee Of The Month crown. This particular gesture will encourage your employees to push beyond the line to get the crown.

19. Organize A Sports Tournament:

Sports always promotes a healthy mind and body. When it comes to keeping your employees happy and healthy, organizing sports tournament will be an excellent idea. Hosting a team-based sports tournament would be a smart decision as it promotes team activity, which is good for any organization.

20. Let Your Employees To Design Their Career Path:

Encourage your employees to carve their career path instead of depending on the company or their managers. Employees need to take initiatives for the betterment of your company and set a clear career objective for themselves.

21. Offer Subscription To A Good Health-Care App:

The employees of your organization should have a healthy body and healthy mind but most of the people run out of time, so keeping tabs on health and monitor the health related changes is a difficult job. How about providing your employees with discount coupons for a reputed health-care app that would enable them to practice a healthy routine and keep monitoring the improvements on health? It’s an excellent way to ensure the well-being of your employees.

22. Celebrate The Birthday Of Each Of Your Employees:

Each employee is essential to you, and you should celebrate the birthdays of your employees with cakes. It will show them that you care for them.

23. Practice Gratitude:

Always remember one thing that wellness doesn’t only mean physical wellness; it’s about the team’s mental health also. Create a shared doc where your employees can show gratitude to each other for any help. Practicing gratitude regularly helps to ease depression and enhance nighttime sleep.

24. Keep A Lot Of Greens in Your Office:

Numbers of studies have shown that access to nature can relieve stress, soothe the mental illness, and make people more productive. Decorate your workspace with indoor plants that will also make the indoor air quality better.

25. Host Comedy Show:

There’s a saying- “laughter is the best medicine for a healthy mind.” Bring in a local comedian and host a comedy night in your office auditoriam.

Always remember one thing that wellness is not a campaign; it has to be ingrained in your culture.


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