I don’t usually keep notes from clients after we have worked together, but I was reminded of a note that remains with me from someone I worked with almost twenty years ago. In light of the full moon’s energies, I wanted to share a story that I tell in some of my lectures. As I recount this story through the years I am sure there are parts I recall all of a sudden as there are parts I forget. It continually reminds me that our voices are always heard even when we think no one is listening. One day I was called to visit the home of a young man who had terminal cancer. He had a few weeks left to live, was in his early 30’s and his wife had just given birth to their first child a few months prior. I don’t usually make home visits, but when someone is transitioning. it is an honor to bear witness within this most sacred space. I walked into the bedroom and he lay on the bed with barely enough flesh clinging to his bones, so dehydrated from the literal loss of water and life from his tissues. He was unconscious. In the room with me were his nurse, his wife and his mother. The nurse and his mother wondered what I was doing there, and the wife tried to explain that I had various abilities of communication with the living and those who have crossed. I gently grabbed his hand as he lay motionless and my first response was to keel over in pain and gasp. I grabbed the area of pain I was in and asked his wife how much pain he was in before he lost consciousness. She remarked that even with the pain medications, he would struggle in agony at the very place I was holding onto. I told him telepathically who I was and that he could share with me any thoughts he had so I could relay them to his wife. I would preface any words that came from my mouth with, ‘He said..” He began telling me about a conversation they had had about going on vacation, or rather, the vacation they had wanted to take, all the places they had wanted to visit, and how he would miss going with her. He was concerned about their child, their financial future and gave specific insight into their conversation. As I was relaying these messages to his wife, the nurse left the room and his mother did not know what to make of me. I think they were both in shock. His wife recounted a conversation they had had a few nights prior while he was still conscious about those thoughts I was sharing. He then began to describe to me in length the people he was seeing in the room from time to time. It was challenging to me because I only saw a few of them in those very moments. These were people he had known when he was a child that had passed on. His wife would not know them and his mother said she had no clue as to whom I was speaking of. He would repeat his words in my mind about his elderly neighbor who would teach him baseball and I would just keep repeating those same words. There was a calmness to his tone as he identified various friends in the spirit world who were happily waiting for him to join them. I continued to hold his hand, allowing his pain to pass through me and told him he could go any time he was ready. His mother still did not believe me and his wife was in tears. As I walked out. something or someone reached for my shoulder. I turned around and this unconscious man’s eyes opened. He smiled a huge smile and waved at me and then went unconscious again. It still sends chills down my spine to this day. Upon leaving the wife had asked me if I knew how long he had left. I did and I told her.

Less than two weeks later I attended the funeral. His wife saw me walk in and rushed up to me. She said her husband had become conscious for a brief time. Can’t recall if it was that evening or the next day. Both his wife and his mother were in the room when this happened. He asked his wife, “Did you hear everything I told Laura to tell you?” Their mouths dropped open, even as she recounted the story. He then went on to describe the same people he had described to me and his mother began remembering.

This story is not about me and what I can do. This is about you and what we all can do. This is about the power of thought, of communication, between various worlds and in various ways. Babies can hear us as they mature inside our wombs. Those in comas await fervently for our voices to console them. Those on the other side still like to have conversations. The natural world is alive with energy and the trees hear our voices as much as the animals do. If your words are of light, the power to heal is immense. If your words are of love, the power to carry ourselves and each other as one is Divine. Speak tenderly of Spirit even when you think no one is listening. I promise, a world which many cannot imagine is awaiting to hear your voice.