Originally published on Thought Catalog

1. Wallow.

2. Eat crappy food.

3. Watch Netflix for weeks on end.

4. Go on a binge. Be it a Gilmore Girls or Game of Thrones binge (or both), chocolate binge or long baths binge.

5. Stalk their Facebook. Might not seem very healthy, but you’ll get over the need to do it in some time. Better to let yourself deal even if it doesn’t seem like a reasonable dealing technique.

6. Change your status into “Single” on Facebook and set it to “Public”. Just because.

7. Do something you love. And do a lot of it.

8. Escape the world. That’s basically what I do when I go snowboarding – escaping and setting myself free.

9. Well, if you’ve done all that, it’s time to go dive with the sharks. Who knows, might give you some perspective, death being so close and all.

10. Seek support from your friends and family.

11. Cry. I did a lot of that and blamed myself for being such an idiot and a year later I’m pretty much cured.

12. Go out with your friends. Learn to enjoy yourself again.

13. Help out in a dog’s shelter, or alternatively, go walk a dog for your friend.

14. Travel to new exciting places.

15. Read romance books that’ll make you cringe.

16. On that note, watch as many stupid Hallmark movies as you can without scratching your eyes out. There are some silly ones but they still somehow make you believe that love is possible. Maybe not the way they portray it but it is out there somewhere.

17. Go on a date with yourself. Start finally loving yourself

18. Take time out. From relationships, dramas, or self-imposed expectations.

19. The most important person in your life who is always there for you? It’s you yourself. Take time to do you.

20. Kiss someone you like. Just kiss. No strings attached. You’ll realize how good it feels to be free to kiss whoever you want without any complicated feelings or broken hearts behind it all

21. Take a chance on that person who’s been after you for a year. It might not work out but at least try.

22. Flirt. It’s fun.

23. Hug your mom. She probably hurts more just seeing that you’re in pain after this heartbreak.

24. Spend time with family.

25. Pick up the craziest friend you have and go get royally drunk. Possibly hit on hot people while you’re at it.

26. Join Tinder. Just for kicks.

27. Accept that they weren’t the love of your life because if they were, they’d still be in it.

I got over this boy I had fallen for and I didn’t even realize I was over him until I was, out of the blue, asked by a friend. It was so easy and quotidian. I was over him. It took me about a year and pretty much all those 27 points and more to heal my broken heart. If I saw him now, I’d probably tear up and hug him, but I wouldn’t want anything to do with the guy.

However, I miss the feeling he put in my heart, the butterflies that once had flown in my chest, waking up next to him, and feeling like I belonged. But I have finally set myself free.

Over the course of this year, I found a tini-tiny grain of self-respect and I’m trying hard to hold onto it. I struggle with self-love but I’m sure I’ll get there and maybe fall in love again. 

Thank you for reading