What is Pranayama:

The word pranayama comes from Sanskrit, it is an ancient word that means the regulation of breathing or breathing technique. Pranayama is a yogic technique for breathing. It is used during yoga practicing and while changing from one pose to another. This is a superior technique that helps the person breathe in a better and superior way. There are a lot of health benefits of breathing using this pranayama technique. Among these are improved sleep and balance in life. Below I have stated the three most important benefits of the breathing technique called pranayama.


Here are the three benefits of pranayama in yoga:

  1. Balance your energy:

This is a technique that helps you balance your energy and your body. This is very important and very effective and helpful to you for balancing your energy. In pranayama, you breathe in and breathe out in a way that you take the positive energy in yourself and let the negative energy move out of your body. In this way, it brings a balance in your body.

  • Improves breathing and oxygen availability:

It is very helpful when it comes to oxygen intake. This is technique that is designed in a way that you can take more oxygen inside then you regularly do throughout the breathing. The more oxygen inside the lungs means more oxygenated blood, this more oxygenated blood is a very healthy one. When it reaches the parts that need oxygen it releases the oxygen. More oxygen means more activity inside your body and more energy and an improved physique.

  • Helps release stress and pain:

It is a technique that has been helpful to people in different pains and stress. This can make you calm and makes your body healthier. This is the way how it removes the pain and stress from your body. It improves the oxygen supply in blood and the brain gets more oxygen as well. Making it stronger and helping you relieve the stress and pains.

How to do it: Breath continuously with both nostrils. Inhale until you reach the capacity of the lungs; Maintain a long spine. Hold your breath for a second, then narrow the portion of your breath to the back of your throat as if you were a secret whisper, and slowly exit both nasal cavities. This exhalation will feel like a sea wave or a gentle surge of air. When you exhale you should feel the wind on the roof of your mouth. Repeat 20 times

Importance of Pranayama during yoga:

Pranayama was designed for yogis who are doing yoga. This is very helpful to them and it is mostly used by the people who are doing yoga. When you are doing yoga, your body is in continuous movement. This results in the depletion of oxygen and you start to feel tired due to the low supply of the oxygen. Therefore, you should do pranayama during yoga, as it will help you get more oxygen. And you will not feel tired during yoga and after the yoga as well.