Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) focuses on the solutions to problems, diverging from more traditional methods of therapy where you analyze the problems you encounter.

Here are three benefits of SFBT:

1. Treatment is quicker than other forms of therapy.

SFBT is intended to identify and move toward worthwhile solutions as quick as is reasonable. Traditional methods of therapy can often require more sessions due to their focus on analyzing problems, but SFBT is all about finding solutions and taking action to solve your problems.

Due to the solution-focused, action-oriented nature of SFBT, clients naturally spend much less time analyzing problems, which allows them to focus on resolutions. And, since they’re focusing more on action than thoughts, positive clinical outcomes often require less time and sessions.

2. It’s a more affordable method of treatment for clients.

Therapy is commonly known for being a long-term process that costs clients hundreds (or even sometimes thousands) of dollars and countless hours of their time. SFBT, however, is meant to be short-term (brief), which means that clients won’t have to pay for ongoing therapy sessions.

As a result of the short-term nature of SFBT, the cost is lower and more clients will have the means to afford it, making this form of therapy more accessible while still allowing for other, longer-term options that may better fit the needs of certain individuals.

3. You develop a mindset of effective problem-solving.

Whether you’re the client or the clinician, there’s inherent value in learning and applying SFBT. Problems may become too much of a focus in your life, hindering your ability to determine how to best solve them and work toward positive change. SFBT provides a clear solution to this issue.

Once you shift your mindset so that problems become opportunities to take action and increase your personal growth, your expertise in quick, effective problem-solving will increase over time. Then, you can use concepts of SFBT to improve your own life or the lives of others.

Ready to start learning Solution-Focused Brief Therapy?

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