We all have an innate desire to teach and share what we’ve learned with other people. 

Everyone has a body of experience and knowledge that developed over years of working and growing up. We realize important lessons that changed our lives and it’s personally rewarding to share these insights with others. 

Mentoring someone at work or in your community can help you grow your business or transform a person’s life. You also get personal benefits that include getting recognized for your expertise and contribution to work and society. 

So, what are some effective ways to share your knowledge with other people? 

Here are the most impactful ways to share what you know online. 

Create social media profiles

It’s very likely that you already have an account on at least one social media platform for personal reasons.

To share what you know in a more professional way, create profiles on multiple platforms especially ones that are for professional networking like LinkedIn. And do the following:

  • Add relevant details about your experience, background, and education
  • Mention your goals including your desire to share helpful information
  • Post content regularly. Set up a content calendar and create posts in different formats

You may be an executive who wants to make content for peers in the industry or a hobbyist sharing craft and art tips. Your area of expertise and audience will determine which platform you should focus on and the kind of content you should make. 

Start a blog

Starting a website or a blog to share what you know is powerful because you ‘own’ your website and you can really build your personal brand. 

While you have a lot of freedom to make content and reach people via social media, you don’t necessarily own your account. At any time, the network you’re using can close your account and remove all your previously made content. And it’s very difficult to become visible via social media. 

When you have your own website, you can brand yourself with complete control and communicate with your audience directly. 

You can create long blog posts, add multiple content formats, build an email list, and share information in a meaningful way that doesn’t depend on the vagaries of social media algorithms to get seen. 

Join industry and mentorship networks

Virtually every industry and area of specialization has networking platforms for members to connect with each other. 

Entrepreneurs can join startup communities, digital marketers can have avid discussions on digital marketing forums, and hobbyists can connect with fellow artists in online groups. 

These are places where newcomers ask questions and seek help, making it a great place for you to contribute with answers based on your knowledge and experience.

Joining or even starting online communities is an effective way to give back to society while managing your time well.

Some communities also provide guest posting opportunities. For example, there are regional associations for women entrepreneurs that publish articles and interviews of their members. 

Think about pitching a topic idea to these places and share what you know. Your content will appear in other members’ inboxes and will also build your online presence through a recognized platform.

Start your mentoring journey

It’s important that you share your knowledge with others in some form or the other. There are many reasons to do this and the main one is that it gives you the opportunity to help other people.

You stand to prevent them from making the same mistakes you did by sharing your life lessons. And in the process, you could become a thought leader and a person of influence online.

When the time comes that you need to network with other people, change your job, or partner with someone, your body of work online can play a powerful role in influencing positive outcomes.

So get started today and use the tips given in this post to create helpful material.