In today’s environment and majority of lifestyles, we are constantly exposed to toxins in the environment through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. In addition to all of that, after the Thanksgiving celebrations, we have usually imbibed a ton of food and feel not our best. 

And while we should enjoy the celebration,  we can change our lifestyle and control what we put into our bodies after Thanksgiving. A 3-Day Detox is a perfect way to recover from Thanksgiving festivities. In this article I give you a basic 3 day detox for after Thanksgiving.

To begin with, this detox program is especially designed for a 3-day detox diet.  

Try to include the following foods for each day within three days:

Every morning: Try to drink a cup of green tea or a green juice made with celery or cucumber with addition of apple and lemon. 

Breakfast: This should consist of a green smoothie or an overnight oatmeal creation. 

Lunch: Lunch should be comprised of salad with brown rice or quinoa, with other colorful veggies. Let dressing be either lemon or lemon and olive oil. 

The majority of your dinner during the 3 day detox should consist of  organic salads, brothy soups, and herbal teas, no coffee, no alcohol. Avoid all meats as they can be hard to digest and prevent absorption of nutrients of the other nutritious things you will be eating.

Try to meditate for at least 3 minutes a day. If possible go for along walk in nature or a sauna. Be thankful!