tips to self love

If you are lacking self-confidence in any area of your life that maybe that may be in your career that you can not sell, you can not fit, you can not speak or you are not good for going in an interview. So whatever it is in your life that you want when you work on your confidence everything starts to fall into place so I have some patients that are very confident at work but terrible in relations because that can put an act on work but they do not feel loveable. Some people have nice relationships but a terrible career because they can not get promoted So the most important thing is to work on your confidence and the way you build your confidence is by liking yourself. I tried to build my self-love by these practices you can try them too.


To take care of yourself, to be a good mental and emotional state. You have to be grateful would you be grateful for you? Have you can’t always live in the well, I do not have this, I am not there yet .you know just this place of negative garbage and energy just because you do not have what you want in life.

Always believe that it is important to always be wanting more for yourself. It is not like you wish a big car or home. It is about you also have to enjoy where you are because you have control over life or you can not getting to that place as quickly as you want to go there. Having a good time is being grateful as practicing gratitude as much as you possibly can. Thinking about all the things, all the people, all the opportunities everything that you have in your life right now that someone else would die to have.

Gratitude radiates positive and glowing energy within anyone. So it is such a powerful thing to practice every single day. It is something that is part of self-love because it is you loving yourself. It is you not putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

Do not attach to every thought

We are attaching to every single thing that is running through our minds.I mean that would make anyone crazy. So learning how to monetarist our thoughts right and being able to say there is stress or fear and how to overcome this. So learning not to attach every single thought that comes through your mind and recognizing that these thoughts are not your is part of self-love. It is such an important aspect towards self-parenting and you will know what made for you what you should think and what you should ignore.

Stop self-criticism

This is the perfectionist and self-development is life journey and learning these things while you can heal wounds and they become faint sometimes the scars of wounds are just always going to be with you and it is all about learning life skills to deal with that scar that you might know may bleed. These ups and downs of life and will give you lessons about self-development and you will learn new things daily.

When we start criticizing or nitpicking ourselves for small things, which means we are losing our worth in front of us.

inspire yourself for self love