Motivation not only makes you feel good about what you are doing but also keeps you mentally and physically charged up. Even if you do a simple job, you need motivation. For instance, if I see a child advancing a brittle object, I will quickly get up to hold and prevent the child from breaking the object. In other words, I am motivated by the fear of loss.

Life has a blend of both joyful and downfall moments, and one would wish to have a systematic time – planner manual to follow. Yet, it wouldn’t make much difference without freedom.

The journey of life becomes complex as one grows older, and can only understand as certain perspectives evolve. It is possible for one to lose hope and motivation. This is the time i feel lost and everything looks like a wild illusion, when I feel that my dreams are far-fetched, and my life is getting worse every day.

Ideally, time never stays the same. Change is the key solution that can manage the ups and downs of life.  No one can control the myriad of experiences that happen every day but everyone has the ability to respond to every situation in the best way possible.  I have learnt of the best ways to stay positive and motivated through life experiences. 

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Here are valuable tips and tricks:

  1. Make realistic goals 

One has to feel the essence of achieving a particular goal, and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Simply put, the biggest battle is won in mind.

First begin with setting the goal with a detailed description. For instance, instead of writing “I want a new house”, describe your new grand mansion with an ample parking space”. Ensure the goal is attainable and realistic and then visualize the achievement of the goal along with the feelings that come with it.  It is not crazy to feel the excitement of having achieved that university degree or a new home. The feelings keep one connected and in want of acting as if the goal is already achieved.   

2. Stick to the reasons for wanting to reach that goal

 If one forgets the set goal, it becomes harder to achieve it. A big factor in staying motivated is to remember the reason to reach the goal. If there is no reason, it wouldn’t be easy to stay motivated. I personally envision and daydream of how my life would be like once I achieve my goal. This attitude keeps me on the pace and in the right mind of wanting to achieve that goal faster than yesterday. 

3. Get a plan to achieve the goal

A plan is like a roadmap. Without a plan, it would be difficult to reach a goal, as one will like direction in getting the needful steps for reaching a given goal.  A plan guides on what will happen after every step, and moderates on how to track each progress with regards to time.  


Bo Jackson was right when he said “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there”. This should be the driving force. It can be harder to start, but every prepared goal meets with success. These three tips are the million dollar secret to get started!