The Spa business is not easy, in fact I think it is one of the hardest businesses to maintain growth. You have large players who own the majority of spa’s whether that be company owned or franchises. On the other side you have very small one shop owners who may even be renting a room. For this reason I have dedicated my time and energy to helping others achieve success. Today I am giving away for FREE 3 tips that you can start doing right now to help drive your marketing at your spa.

Create a website. It sounds so simple yet I can not tell you how many spa’s I see that either do not have a website or if they do it looks like it was made in 1998. Go to Squarespace or wix and you can make a decent looking site for less than 30 dollars per month. It is worth the investment.

Write content daily. You are probably an expert in your field and have a love to help others. You know what to do and what people need. Start to write that down everyday for 500 words minimum and post these on your site. Use tools like SEMrush to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for in Google search and add these keywords into your blog posts. If you want to take a step further Go to YouTube and search “local seo”. This can teach you some basic steps to growing your search ranking in your local market.

Get on Social immediately. This to me is like the website. Too many times I see businesses not utilizing social media when it is FREE. Start an account across as many platforms as you think your customers are on. Post daily, multiple times if possible. Search out your competitors and start to add their followers. Highlight your locations, amazing employees, and what you are all about. Be yourself and let that shine to your potential clients. Search for hashtags in your local market that are relevant so these future clients can find you.

Bonus: Yelp optimization. Yelp is hard to figure out at times as to what or why you move through the rankings. However try to post pictures a few times per day. You can never have enough pictures and that is the same for your clients uploading them as well. Include in your description what you offer and why you are different. Always remember using important keywords is crucial for all mediums.