Effective Meeting Rules Of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

As someone who works in a company, meetings aka meetings have become an unavoidable agenda. Usually, the boss or team will hold a meeting so that employees can exchange.

Later, they can get brilliant ideas for the progress of the company. Unfortunately, some companies still hold meetings without considering one or two things. In fact, meetings that are scheduled haphazardly will actually be ineffective and tend to be in the same direction and make the participants bored.

If you have a small or big business, then you must have held meetings. So, you must read these 3 points of Jeff Bezos so that you can do better job in a meeting. On the other hand, if you are going through a tough time in your business, want to get an extra dose of motivation, you must read small business quotes in order to kick yourself.

1. Jeff Bezos Always Limits The Number Of Participants In His Meeting Agenda

For him, meeting with a few people is much more effective than many people. Bezos applies the principle of the ‘two-pizza rule, that the number of meeting participants must be sufficient if two pizza pans are served.

With these few people, he found it easier to think when he was leading a meeting. It also minimizes the existence of differences of opinion that are too complex. This method has begun to be widely used by other company leaders so that meetings are much more effective and don’t waste time.

2. Bezos Got Rid of The Use Of PowerPoint During Meetings

According to Jeff Bezos, the meeting participants will not be able to digest the contents of the PowerPoint. Because usually, it’s just a summary of points that are written briefly. Amazon offices are now beginning to replace PowerPoint with a six-page memo compiled with more narrative.

But to be able to fill in the memo properly, usually, the meeting representative will write it down well in advance, then rewritten it by his team to complement and evaluate each other

3. Before The Meeting Starts, Usually The CEO Of Amazon Will Provide A Moment Of Silence

For half an hour, Bezos would ask all members of the meeting to read a previously written memo. This tactic is considered more effective because all participants understand better what will be discussed. So, the memos they write are still useful and can be a guide during the meeting.

Well, for those of you who are still often annoyed because office meetings are unclear and even waste time, maybe you can suggest an effective way from this Amazon CEO. Messages and ideas are conveyed well, work becomes productive.