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We are an ongoing Epoch of modern technology, Everyone aspires to live a Stress Less life which became a herculean task considering the tasks we perform every day.

Stress and Anxiety are external and internal demands placed on our mental or physical body where to which our body responds with physical, mental and emotional responses.

Stress and Anxiety are a very normal part of life, Everyone experience stress and anxiety from time to time, Matter of concern here is to what extent it extends.

Prolonged Stress and Anxiety can lead to negative effects on the physical and mental body one needs to workout to overcome above the limitation.

But how one can overcome it? 

Here we are listing out a few ways to tackle your Stress and Anxiety.

1.Pranic Healing:

This method is relatively ancient taught by Choa Kok Sui but modern in approach. Here they follow no touch, no drug, no instrument therapy. One of the effective techniques wherein which one can overcome in combating stress-related symptoms like Insomnia, Increased Heartbeat, Ulcers, Hypertension, etc. 

They are many techniques involved in pranic healing we are making here a note of 2 best techniques:

i. Pranic breathing: Pranic Breathing involves deep abdominal breathing where it follows the principle of rhythm, Breathing count, retention of breathing, through this you can draw in and distribute your energy throughout your body. Within no time you can gain an inexhaustible source of energy for your mental, physical health and vitality.

ii.Twin Heart Meditation: This Meditation technique is truly remarkable, it mainly helps in activating your physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra(Emotional heart) and the crown chakra(Spiritual heart). It is a simple technique followed through audio and a simple set of physical exercises. Through this technique, one can enhance his energy aura and raise his potentials for productivity. This works on rejuvenating the body as well as mind.

These 2 main techniques in pranic healing can help you with pulling away from your anxieties and stress and changes the state of your inner illusion by increasing the levels of your inner strengths.

2. Yoga:

Yoga is the most ancient technique by Patanjali which can further be considered as modern and effective. Yoga allows oneself to move and breathe accordingly to relax your state of mind and body, it relieves tension. 

Yoga helps in the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system where it involves the release of endorphins, sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation, digestion, etc.

They are many techniques involved in yoga we are listing out a few to overcome your dilemma:

i) Ustrasana/Camel Pose: This technique involves kneeled back bending for better blood circulation, which can further heal the mind.

ii) Setu Bandasana: By opening the front of the spine and heart, better blood circulation, very energizing.

iii) Badhakonasana: Involves stretching of Inner thighs and groin by letting your spine straight you can release tension in the spine, groin and the hips.

iv) Paschtaimottanasana: By using forward bending technique one needs to open the back of the legs and the spine, which helps in calming up your mind.

v) Dandasana: This technique enhances your core strength, by keeping your spine in upright position one needs to take deep breathe after repetitive cycles, spine relaxes resulting out with relieving of anxiety.

vi) Utthita Trikonasana: In this technique, one needs to synergize two opposing forces using the technique of synchronization, the inclusion of twists and stretches relieves stress and anxiety from the spine and the core.

vii) Marjariasana:  Popularized as Cat/Cow pose, it enhances and loosens your spine which further resulting in better blood circulation and flexibility by relieving stress.

viii)Balasana: Pose which can promote calmness and positivity, Stretching of the back by soothing the muscles along with alleviating pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

ix) Dhanurasana: Technique where in which it involves the opening of the chest, shoulders and the neck. It helps in strengthening of the core and the abdominal muscles by relieving anxiety.

x) Shavasana: The most effective technique where you can overcome all your mental anxiety, depression and the stress, this is a resting posture where in which you can recharge all your energy consumed in your daily routine. Shavasana helps in the activation of your nervous system.

3. Introduce Realself to ‘Yourself’:

One of the effective technique where one can overcome any kind of stress and anxieties i.e, Building and keeping yourself supreme over everything which keeps haunting you and bowing you down. 

Questioning and sorting out answers in dire situations, from self is the best possible outcomes ever.

Changing and making modifications to your daily routine can help to larger extents like by avoiding your vices, Proper diet plan, Including exercises, choosing soothing music over hard beats, etc. 

You can add a ‘Saltwater Shower’  with lukewarm water to your routine in order to get rid of stress, draw out toxins, balancing your pH levels.

Always list out your priorities and avoid stressful people and as well as stressful environments, never let yourself sleep deprived.

Progress your growth in building ‘NEW SELF’, Introduce your ‘NEW SELF’ to your ‘OLD SELF’ and bid a final Adieu to it.

Author: Siva Mahesh, Business and Career blogger at Dreamshala.