Whether a woman is a self-employed person, a business owner, or holds a high position in their company, they’ve reached their position with habits that enable success. 

Let’s look at what these habits are and why they work to help women entrepreneurs experience success in their lives. 


It may seem unlikely that there’s a link between self-care and success. But the truth is that successful women entrepreneurs often prioritize self care. 

This is because they know that to perform well, they need to be in the best state of mind and body. Practicing self-care helps them relax and get in touch with their deeper self from which great ideas appear. 

To meet your larger goals, it’s important to spend time on yourself. There are several ways to do this:

  • Spend at least half an hour a day meditating
  • Journal every day as a way to examine your thinking
  • Keep your workspace and the rooms where you spend your most time clean. Add small personalized touches to make your space your own
  • Make time to go to a place you like where you experience calmness and serenity like the beach or a park
  • Mindfully indulge in food that gives you true happiness

As evidenced by these examples, self care goes beyond spending money on a salon experience or buying expensive things. Just making time for yourself is critical. 

When you spend time looking after yourself, you reduce stress and make it possible for your creativity and true goals to emerge. 

Knowing their worth 

Successful women entrepreneurs are not afraid to recognize their contributions to the world and other people. And they also make sure that they always ask for what they deserve in terms of monetary compensation. Even if it feels extremely uncomfortable.  

It’s a well-known phenomenon that women are severely underpaid when compared to men. One of the reasons for this is that most women don’t ask for the money, resources, or time they need.

Many women tend to take the first offer that’s given to them in a job interview or partnership negotiation. Part of the reason for this is the societal upbringing that’s common around the world. Women are often consciously and unconsciously asked to accommodate others and think about the group rather than their individual selves – something that is a great strength in many ways. 

However, when it comes to running a business, women need to learn that the ‘pie’ of resources, money, and other benefits is not small. If they ask for a good slice of the pie, it won’t mean less for everyone else. 

So, one key habit to develop is to be aware of your self-worth and to own it. 

Valuing their time

Along with knowing your worth, it’s also important to ask for compensation that reflects the value you provide. 

Successful women entrepreneurs know that the most important resource they have is time. And they’re not reluctant to ask for money or something else of value in exchange for their knowledge and time. 

Most women have special talents that they use for other people’s benefit without asking for something in return. Have you ever organized an entire event although you’re already busy with your own concerns? Do you make great food and keep putting in hours of effort to give it away often for free? Maybe you’re awesome at writing resumes or creating compelling content. But you’re spending hours working on them only for someone else to benefit from it. 

There’s a time and place to be generous and help other people. But if you’re constantly working and giving up your time without seeing growth in your own life, then you’ll erode your self-worth and also lose the opportunity to grow as a business owner. 

You need to remember that your time is valuable. Create respect for yourself and your work by making sure that you’re fairly recompensed for what you do.


We’ve looked at some critical habits of successful women entrepreneurs. And these habits can be difficult to enact in real life. We often have to think differently about our behaviors and the expectations placed on us by other people. 

However, the more empowered you are, the more you have to give to other people. Being an entrepreneur allows you to manage your multiple responsibilities and help other people. 

Try to develop the habits mentioned here to grow yourself and grow your business too.