Mindset, Routine

  1. Multitasking – This actually isn’t really a thing.  People use this term all the time, but in reality, none of us can ever do two or more things at a time.  Physically and mentally, put together, we must be present in order to get it right.  When we are doing too much, accidents occur.
  2. Not knowing what you really want – We focus consciously on the things we don’t want; failure, loss, extra weight, the list goes on.  When we visualize our ideal self living in the present moment, the subconscious mind will make it happen.
  3. Comparing yourself to others – There are two ways people do this, and the first is visual. When we see people, we automatically make an idea about them in our head.  The other way is catching yourself when you are comparing yourself to others with things that you cannot see.  Examples of this are “She has everything so put together, why can’t I do that? Why does my life feel so chaotic?”  

A little bit of dissatisfaction is good because it pushes us to grow, to do better.  But remember, you can’t compare yourself to anyone else because you are unique, with your capabilities and creative interests, and your own rhythm. Everybody has their own pace. 

These issues are deeply discussed in our Level:2 Group Course at NTBI.  If you have taken the Level:1 Course recently, and are interested in more book study, let us know

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