Who doesn’t love playing Golf? It is one of the few silent, energetic and really mesmerizing games known to mankind. Being a common and successful game, many manufacturers have produced and invented gadgets ad wearables for people to use during their game, which will not only enhance their game but, will help them understand and win the game on a larger scale.

Following are 3 of the most useful and great gadgets/wearables to use while playing Golf:


Golf shoes simply got smarter. From the brains behind Salted Venture, the first by-product startup from Samsung electronics, comes the IOFIT smart golf shoe. created with pressure detector technology embedded within the soles of the shoes, IOFIT takes the guess out of coaching by trailing and analyzing balance and weight shift data throughout your swing. This distinctive combination of force plate and wearable technology connects to an app to supply instant feedback on how to improve your swing. Take multiple swings to trace your consistency and progress and receive tailored tips. wish to ascertain how you heap up against the pros? Use the app to match yourself to a number of the world’s best players.

Golf RangeFinder:

A golf rangefinder may well be one standalone gizmo that you wear similar to your wrist watch or a clip on to something, or this may be software that you actually install on your electronic units like a tablet or smartphone. There’re a pair of types of the golf rangefinders that are laser rangefinder as well as GPS rangefinder. although each of those would assist you to work out a distance specifically, they’ve some benefits and drawbacks. Understanding its merits additionally as demerits are what would assist you choose the most effective golf rangefinder for your sport.

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The Aiming TA3:

Ideal for the amateur golf player, this device helps players improve one amongst the foremost basic but troublesome skills to master: proper alignment. The Aiming TA3 uses haptic vibration technology to alert players once they are in correct alignment. merely clip the device to your belt and stand behind the ball within the direction of the target. Press a button on the side of the device to lock within the correct direction of the hole. The device will vibrate once your alignment is correct, providing you with the most effective probability for a successful swing. If that wasn’t enough, the device additionally doubles as a green reader and ball marker. It can’t hit the ball straight for you, however it will make certain the balls you hit are headed straight for the pin.


If you own these three gadgets, you are bound to be one of the greatest golf players ever. Certainly, because they will not only help you during the game but, will also help you in practicing your swings andshots and make sure you do not go home without potting.


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