Learn Life Lessons

The life that we are living in is governed by so many laws. And we are expected to live it without creating problems for ourselves. In view of that, you become responsible for everything you do.

Let me share with you some of the resourceful places you can learn life lessons from. It is up to you to explore how to derive complete satisfaction from the little you have. Without you having any knowledge about what makes life hard, sweeter, meaningless, etc you would be caught making grave mistakes.

That is why we have professional advisors such as career coaches, motivational speakers, marriage counselors, and the best of all the word of God(the Bible).

You must learn how to develop a passion for a number of important things that affect your life. Something like reading self-improvement books, learning how to keep a positive mindset during tough times, growing a healthy lifestyle, and so on and so forth.

The life you are living today has a lot of lessons to teach. Maybe, you need someone like me to pinpoint to you where you can learn them so that you don’t fail.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

This very popular saying “experience is the best teacher” goes a long way to educate you about getting in touch with people who are knowledgeable about a particular subject. They could be your role models, pastors, parents, etc.

This kind of person can tell you about things you know nothing about. And if you keep on moving around with your ignorance, you will fall into a trap and be a failure in life.

Be humble and ready to learn from people and other important things around you. Life is a journey and as a matter of fact, someone started it before you. Someone has seen a lot that you haven’t seen. So be humble and learn new things every single day and see how beautiful, happy, and successful your life would be.

You can just start a business, college, vacation without getting an insight into it. The probability of you having an awful experience is very high.

Where To Learn Life Lessons

 1.  Grandparents:

Looking at all the members of your family, you could see that the aged has a lot more experience in life. So get closer to them or perhaps if there is anything like an occasional family gathering. That would be the golden moment to learn some life lessons from them.

Have a look at your grandparent, they have tasted enough salt on earth than you. So I believe if you really want to learn life lessons, then get closer to them.

Ask them important questions about their youthful days and surely, they will bathe you with a lot of advice. You are yet to trod the same path. And they, being a real example of the results of their activities in their past, they will teach you the “whys” and the “hows” about life.

One important thing to seek from your grandparents is their past mistakes. Yes! They will advise you to stay away from any of them before you regret it.

 2.  The Bible

This is the greatest book I could recommend for anyone. You see the Bible is full of scientific facts, histories, prophecies, stories, and a whole lot. In fact, it covers all the things God has purposed us for.

Find time to read life-changing stories such as the Samson Bible Story, the good Samaritan, the prodigal son, and parables such as the parable of the sower(you reap what you sow).

Our youths should learn from the story of Samson and Delilah especially. Why? Because it teaches about the dangers associated with falling in love with the wrong person and the consequences of being disobedient to God.

3.  Visit The Morgue

Once in your lifetime, try to visit the mortuary. This is not a joke. Look, the morgue will teach you a valuable lesson about the importance of humility. This place will remind you of the brevity of life and make you think about your next journey in the other world which is inevitable.

You can have all the monies, mansion, beautiful women, etc. But one day you will leave everything behind. So learn to be humble before life humbles you.