3 traits of 50 certified Benefit corporations for Good

We recently certified our 50th Benefit Corporation for Good. It’s a milestone we are proud of.

This marks 50 small businesses in many industry sectors all being measured by their practice of the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. These include law firms, wine bars, manufacturing companies, financial planners, tattoo artists, plant shops, management consulting companies, natural food producers, promotional marketing companies, print shops, and many others across the spectrum of industries. 

Our family of purpose-driven businesses in Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and New York are doing a lot of good in the world through their business practices just as they explain in the annual benefit reports found on their websites.

You’ll find them advocating for climate change solutions. Marching for social justice. Cleaning up the litter in their cities. Volunteering with community environmental organizations. And doing good things for their employees, their customers and their communities.

While their approach to doing good varies, their beliefs in being a force for good are absolutely consistent. It’s what makes them a Benefit Corporation, pure and simple!

#1: They Believe a Better Business Means a Better World.

The idea that the only purpose of business is to make a profit is pure fiction with our certified business leaders. They believe that making a difference while making a profit is the only course of action for their businesses. So, they and their employees show up in direct action or advocacy efforts. Taking stands on tough environmental policies. Marching for Black Lives Matter and social justice events. And pitching in for educational causes in the communities of their business. They not only believe it means a better business for them but their actions also mean a better world for all.

 “Everything about the People-Planet-Profit model sits squarely on the right side of history, and we sincerely hope that, within our lifetime, it becomes inconceivable to do business any other way.”

-Julie Eickhof, Eickhof Creative Shop

Certified Benefit Corporation for Good since 2019

#2: They Believe Doing Good Starts with Them.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” goes a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. And so it goes with the conscientious leaders of certified Benefit Corporations for Good. If they aren’t standing up for LGBTQ issues or advocating for greener technologies, then who will? That is the kind of value that guides these forward-thinking leaders. They know change must start with them. It’s inherent in their responsibilities as leaders and obvious in their ethics as members of their communities.  

“The principles the benefit corporation model is based on providing a valuable framework for organizations to imagine and then take steps toward realizing their full potential. If leaders everywhere embraced this ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ concept, the world truly would be a better place.”

 -Trever Cartwright, Coraggio Group

Certified Benefit Corporation for Good since 2018

#3: They Believe in Doing Good and Expect Nothing in Return.

These conscientious leaders never start out any course of action with the archaic business question of what’s in it for them. They know the world is short on altruism and they know it’s what makes them feel alive. To be of service, to be of help is not only what is in their DNA, it’s what they must do to lead a meaningful life.  

“The most important suggestion for those wanting to become a conscientious leader is to always walk the talk. Always look for opportunities to serve, speak, lift up and do better.”

-Kim Allchurch Flick, Mighty Epiphyte

Certified Benefit Corporation for Good since 2018

If these traits describe you and how you run your small business, you might be ready to become our 51st certified Benefit Corporation for Good. To learn more about the business case for becoming a benefit corporation for good, go here.