You’re about to learn three techniques to help you manifest more love and success in your life.

These manifestation techniques work when they are repeated frequently.

One time isn’t enough!

Let’s go!

1-Neville Goddard — “Assume the wish fulfilled.”

This is one of the most popular Neville Goddard techniques about manifestation.

This has the power to create a complete shift in your life.

Start by getting crystal clear on a particular and attainable desire you wish to come true.

Instead of feeling a sense of lack and separation from that desire, focus on feeling as if it’s already yours.

Activate all five senses using your imagination to instantly feel the emotion expected to be elicited once your desire becomes a reality.

Starting from within is the key to manifesting.

Refuse to wait for validity from the external world.

You are the creator of your destiny.

Experience the feeling as if your wish fulfilled.

You will soon find the universe attracting your desires to you!

Source: The Vibe Mindset

2 -David Hawkins — “Let go of all attachments.”

This is a top three skill we must all master to live our best life.

“Most of our suffering comes from our attachment to a painful experience.”

Attachment is our inability to move forward from an unpleasant experience.

Start by surrendering to the fact that something happened without you understanding the meaning behind it.

“That which is not explicable to human reason is indicative of the fact that you are not god.” — David Hawkins.

The universe, source, God has brought a challenging situation to you as a gift.

Surrender to the fact that you are not God, and trust that the universe is guiding you even amid an unpleasant experience.

When you surrender, you let go of your emotional attachment to past experiences.

This frees you from the emotional suffering of your past.

3 –Alan Watts” The art of no desire.”

If you suffer, you suffer as a result of your desires.

Desires are often unattainable or too distant from you create feelings of lack and separation.

Start by existing free from desire.

Don’t work at this technique, don’t see your past, and don’t see your future.

Choose to accept your existence precisely as it is.

Let’s be very clear; this doesn’t mean you desire it, it means you accept it.

When you begin to feel whole and feel good enough, you start to manifest from this state of wholeness.


To manifest, you need to become more.

Focus on elevated emotional states to marinate in.

The better you manage your emotional state, the more you will manifest.